• [2018/06/22]
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Other Suggestions for the SGM Hub


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Mar 31, 2023
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I had a quick look at the Skullgirls Mobile Hub, but it seems there are no differences with social media, apart from reward codes and store. Since devs have finally made a long-awaited independent website, I think it should be able to make it more interesting to get more visitors!
Here are my suggestions to make the hub more interesting!


• I think it would be really interesting idea to create “Quizzes” section in SGM Hub. It would be more enjoyable to answer many kinds of quizzes about SGM of various difficulty level. Here are some examples. Try to guess the answer!

• Easy - What is Big Band’s real name?
• Easy - When is Marie’s Birthday?
• Normal - Whose catchphrase is this?
“You wanna get nuts?! C’mon! Let’s get nuts!”
• Normal - Answer the name of BB with this effect (Lv15) .
“10% on hit to inflict BLEED for 6 seconds”
• Difficult- Which variant has a special effect, and what the effect is?
1. Moonstruck 2. That’s all folks 3. Head Hunter 4. Corrosive Agent


•Some social games have short comics on their official website or social media, and I think this is a great method in utilizing it really well. SG is known for its unique art style, so if devs could publish short comics that make use of it, it would be even more fun to visit imo.

Art collections

• Previously devs were talking about in-game art collectibles in previous thread. Personally, It would be a really good idea to add this feature in Hub, like add a section that lists awesome SG illustrations (especially previous BS passes), as a sign of respect to the creator.

Today’s replay

• It would be interesting to have a section where devs would select replays submitted from all over the world and upload them each day as "Today's Replay". I hope this will make it easier to share professional tactics and help beginners (but that's after the replay bug is fixed, though!).

That’s all about my suggestions. If you have any other good ideas, please share them here!
Very fun suggestions. I support everything except for the Replay one. Not that it's bad, I in fact like it. It's just that it would require curating by a dedicated staff, and sounds like a big time sink.

I am down for PvP replays though. Possibly weekly, where the community could also vote on them. Maybe give the winners some rewards. Would finally give PvP some value
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True, it sounds pretty cool!
it also would be nice to add newbie guides there, as on SGM Wiki