• [2018/06/22]
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Other Suggestions on catalyst and other rift battle stuff


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Jun 16, 2017
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Rift battle is... ... in no good shape and it was destined to be from the start. I can ramble about what is wrong with rift battle and all those negative stuff but I am pretty sure most of you guys know the issues of these by now so I am not going to do that. Instead, I intend to make suggestions on how to improve it to make is a bit more... palatable. It is very extreme and radical but here is my take on how to fix catalyst:

1. Greatly lower the power of catalysts enough to make it possible to beat every node in one try in many case like it used to be after removal of sacrosanct.

2. Make catalyst to give bonus objectives that rewards enemy more points if achieved.

3. If a node has empty catalyst slot, random unique bonus objectives(easier than catalyst objective) will be set in that node.

4. Some catalyst may give penalty for the defenders but offers very difficult bonus objectives instead.

The whole point of this change is to reward skillful play while not making every node disgusting to look at. By making catalyst to offer additional bonus objective, the difficult of the node is not on just clearing them but clearing them in specific way. This will reduce the gap of player with catalyst and no catalyst in general but will make catalyst very important in higher rank match-up due to the no catalyst bonus objectives are significantly easier than catalyst objective. This also makes rift battle more fun because it does not make each nodes less disgusting and impenetrable and thus gives players the enjoyment of beating a node while not making winning a rift battle too easy. It is basically an easy to enter and hard to master approach of catalyst.

Example catalyst:

1. Slouch: Attacker has permanent slow. (bonus: activate level 3 blockbuster three times)
2. Unstable Regeneration: Defender has permanent regen. When far away from opponent, defender also gains Inverse Polarity. (Bonus: Deal no more than 30% of enemies' health from Inverse Polarity)
3. Living Bomb: When receiving damage higher than 12% of max health, reflect that damage to enemy (bonus: do not receive damage from living bomb)
4. No Casualty: Reviving can allow enemy to get no death bonus (bonus: revive allies 4 times)
5. Ubercharged: Level 3 blockbuster deals 100% more damage. (bonus: survive a level 3 blockbuster)
6. Pacifist: 1 min 30 sec extra time. Timeout makes the attacker win instead of defender and give full points on time remaining. (bonus: do not let anyone die)
7. Show Your Moves: Only specials and blockbuster deals damage. (bonus: only use specials and blockbuster no more than 6 times)
8. Blood Buff: Anyone gaining buff receive 5% of max health damage (bonus: do not get damaged from blood buff effect)
9. Grave Mistake: (Squigly Only) Only receive damage after 10 hit combo. (bonus: do 50 hit combo)
10. Glass Cannon: Attacker's 1st character deals 100% extra damage but also has permanent heavy bleed. (bonus: only use that 1st character to clear the node)
11. Purity: Attacker deals 50% more damage and has permanent regen. (bonus: do not equip any special or blockbuster and win. Clearing this also rewards blockbuster finish points)

tbh I am not sure whether these examples are perfect but it should give you guys some picture of how it would feel like if my suggestion is actually implemented. Hope this idea is helpful in making rift battle more fun and I'll see you guys later.

P.S. I was working on the outtake guide that I promised but I lost my draft for outtake guide... ...so it will take some more time.