• [2018/06/22]
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Aug 16, 2020
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Hello guys!
I've been playing Skullgirls for around 6 months approximately, and since I started playing, I felt as if the developers didn't put too much effort into the social aspect of the game. Although the game has a chat feature and you can chat with other users there, in my opinion, it's very limited and you cannot engage in a meaninful discussion with other players.
To fix that, I've tought of making a Telegram Skullgirls group, in hopes of making easier for players to discuss various issues as combos, character tiers, best strategies...
This group is mainly for Spanish talkers, but if it has success, I might try and do an international group (if anyone wants to take that burden off my shoulders, I would be very grateful and lend a hand in anything!)
After this "short" introduction (lol), here is the groups link:
If you cannot enter in the group (even though you should be able to), you can search for it as "Skullgirls Mobile ESP". If, even after doing all that, you aren't able to enter, message me at the forum and I'll add you to the group personally.