• [2018/06/22]
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Terror Byte discussion


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Sep 12, 2018
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Albuquerque, New Mexico
Today the SGM Twitter page revealed the first gold Robo Fortune variant: Terror Byte. Terror Byte was given the Kireck palette and has an SA called Malware that puts Slow and Power Surge onto the opponent. The video also revealed the special move Phaser Burn, which is the second special move in Robo Fortune's kit that can stun. What do you all think of these developments?
Link to tweet:
So this confirms that the Inverse Polarity shown in Nyanotech’s reveal video is its own debuff, not a modifier. I assumed the latter since it didn’t have an icon but looks like I was wrong. Interesting!
Seems like a decent SA, too. Not my favorite, but looks fun to work with.
So lots of stuns coming from Robo in general. If I’m not mistaken, the only other character with multiple stun moves is Big Band? I guess it makes sense that someone who’s made of metal smacking you around would leave you staggered.
inverse polarity seems to reverse whatever buff effect a fighter has, as the Parasoul was bleeding instead of getting her regen. interesting...
just from her teaser i think she might be a pretty good gold, but of course till we see her full SA we can’t make a lot of judgments. i’m excited though!
Just have to wait to know if it has to be applied before the buff starts or if it also works when it's already on.
I assume it will work for all buffs (armor->armor break, enrage->cripple, etc...) but it's a tricky one since it can convert also debuffs, just imagine to inflict inverse polarity and then permanent bleed with Bad Hairy Day...
Good counter against Valentine (final stand->doom?) and any characters with annoying buffs (Armed Forces and Untouchable's unflinching->stun?), we just have to fight against her with characters that doesn't buff themself.
also, frankly kind of curious about whether inverse polarity only effects certain types of buffs, like only bleed/regen. because what would it do for invincible and final stand? would inverse polarity just cancel out the effects?