• [2018/06/22]
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Characters The Infinite Khat Loop Patch


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Feb 17, 2020
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Hello! This is Undeadbunny. I use Eliza a lot and post about her quite a bit, and was wanting to say something about the recent Upper Khat changes in 4.3. I understand patching the infinite loop in the corner with it was a neccessary fix, but I have a problem with how it was done. When playing Eliza, if Upper Khat stuns what you normally do is follow up with around 6 to 7 dash attacks for a massive amount of DPS. This was one of her greatest tools since it helped cover one of her weaknesses, time efficiency. Since the opponent is knocked off of the ground, this strategy isn't viable anymore. Stunning with Upper Khat isn't as good as it once was, since the enemy falls to the floor after being stunned. This basically cuts the stun duration in half as well as preventing the Solar Arc (dash attack) method I mentioned previously. I thought of a better change for Khat. Since the infinite was only a problem in the corner, perhaps make it so that Upper Khat only knocks the opponent down in the corner. Another thought I had was making it lock off as if it were used more than once in a combo. This change heavily impeded Eliza gameplay, and I hope it is adjusted in the future. That is all.