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Bug - Normal Translation errors in the Russian version

Discussion in 'Known Issues & Bugs' started by Made In Heaven, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. Made In Heaven

    Jan 4, 2018
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    Long time no see! So here I am with a list of translation errors and other stuff. Let's get started

    1) The chapter "Who's the boss", map "Under the bridge" - in the first before-fight dialog there is a queue that isn't translated at all.
    2) Same chapter and map, boss fight - two typos. a) typo in a word "them". b) Peacock is "he" for some reason. Before that everybody calls her "she".
    3) Peacock's origin story, "Downtown", after-boss-fight dialog - there is a typo in the word "child" in Valentine's queue. Also, Big Band says Peacock is about to "meet a real miracle workerS". More than that, because of some features of the Russian language, BB talks like there only one "miracle" person, but more than one "worker"
    4) Somewhere at the beginning of Valentine's story mode, another typo has done. Most of the Russian community is confused with Valentine's birthday. The biography says it's 25 of December, but in the story Hollow says that nobody will love Valentine just because she is BORN in Valentine's day (14 of February).
    5) Typo in the name of "mailbox" - it's called something like "mails box".
    6) Screen, that appears every time when an update is rolling out. It's translated very poorly every update. Fortunately, we see this screen like once per two months. Still, they're translated pretty badly.
    Finally, I'd like to thank you again for all the work done!

    Now let's talk about names of variants

    1) Valentine Graveyard shift is called "In Morgue". To be honest, it sounds really bad.
    2) Ultraviolent is called "ultraviolet". There is no way to translate this pun but this would be better if it's had been literally translated as "Ultraviolent"
    3) Private Dick is called "private" in Russian in "soldier" way. It should be translated as "Detective Dick" instead.
    4) Immoral Fibers is a tough one. I get it, it's KLK reference but also a pun. Unfortunately, there is no way to translate this. For now translated name has a pun, but no reference. I'm not sure what's better - reference or pun so renaming it is optional.
    5) Rage-appropriate is called "Adolescent". The problem is I have NO idea how to translate this pun. It's not really bad, but if they have an idea how to change this it would be great/
    6) There are a few variants that are written in masculine gender or in the plural. These variants are Rusty, Rage appropriate, Buzzkill, Untouchable.

    Also, I don't know if you can fix this, but the font used in the Russian version is really bad. It's literally the "Calibri" font.

    These are main translation errors.

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  2. Made In Heaven

    Jan 4, 2018
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    With the change of Graveyard shift ability, we got a new hilarious translation. SA2 is translated pretty okay. But SA1 translation is just... There are at least 3 grammar mistakes in her SA1. Google translation of her SA1 has no grammar mistakes but the in-game translation does! More than that the word "Fighter" is translated as "Fighter plane". [​IMG]
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