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Using HackN’Splash

Discussion in 'Ms. Fortune' started by デービット, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. デービット

    Aug 30, 2018
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    This variant is quite interesting and I still don’t know if this is the best offensive Miss Fortune or not still. But that being besides the point I haven’t seen many videos or reliable ways to use her head yet and it’s rendering her second part of her SA completely useless.
    If someone can provide: head uses and/or combos that lead into using her head—it would be greatly appreciated!
  2. cappatacus

    cappatacus Well-Known Member

    Feb 1, 2018
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    I've been having trouble with this myself, but I do know a few things that can work!

    - While opponent is not blocking, remove her head and activate Omnomnom BB2. The head should hit the opponent first, causing them to stagger(?) briefly

    - When finishing a juggle, remove her head. This should hit the opponent.

    - When doing a ground combo, using her head sweep on repeat will extend the combo. I definitely haven't perfected this, but I've gotten up to 22 hits on ground with this.

    Also, the Skullgirls Mobile twitter page has some videos helping out with Ms Fortune combos! Definitely worth taking a look at
  3. デービット

    Aug 30, 2018
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    It’s been quite a while since I first posted that and I’ve also come up with a couple ways to use her:

    1. (I usually use her like this the most)
    Back away from opponent. anticipate the hit and proc her SA to apply cripple and armour break. Full jab combo + air juggle—mid air juggle use head slam+ Cat Scratch Fever (tip: when still in the air press Cat Scratch fever. this way the blockbuster will go off as soon as possible once hitting the ground)
    she will basically start hitting the enemy and the head will most often be close enough to deal damage as well.
    **with a high enough critical chance, her head will proc her second second SA and deal multitudes of damage**(side note: i don’t know if her second proc will remove the death mark which is applied by the blockbuster yet, but if so, a maximum of 9% damage can be done with her head damage alone

    2. unable to kill with one combo but head is still on the field?
    a) try to keep the head behind the enemy at all times. you can do this with a little bit of practice and can help you from taking unnecessary damage.
    b) do some other combos near your head OR push to a corner and get in more head hits
    **remember that if the opponent had no debuffs your second SA won’t go off and, also it is risky to have the head on the field in general**

    3. enemy rotation and//or after just killed an enemy
    a) a well timed block can trigger your SA from a rotation attack. this, of course, can lead to a lot of damage if the circumstances are right
    b) you can either retrieve your head or not. all depends on your confidence with her.

    1. SA1 + combo near head = big dmgs lol

    2. keep head behind enemy

    3. enemy rotations = good time to move head around the field or back on Hack and Splash

    crit chance—S (you’re looking for 100% but anything above 80% is very good)
    Crit dmg and/or raw dmg%—A
    gauge—A (30%+ should be fine)
    Guard—B (helps prevent damage when going for her SA1)

    Hack and splash is a glass cannon. Also, and excuse my inappropriate(?) joke, but she’s like a mosquito. She can be squashed and leave like a slight mark if dealt with correctly OR if in the right circumstances can go all malaria-crazy and wipe out an entire team. Very high risk, high reward character. A+, fun to play!

    Other notes:
    —Probably not worth a diamond evolution(but i’ll still be doing)
    —Probably an S on the tier list of Miss Fortune. She’s deals a lot of damage but doesn’t have the safety net of M&F. She beats out C&O with damage output (but in disables it’s???).
    —Horrible Defence choice. she’s not meant for defence. the SA1 might seem good because there’s a cripple but like NO.
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