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Characters Using high rarity characters for evolving


Nov 15, 2017
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Right now we have to use characters of the same rarity if we want to rank up another one.
If I want to rank up my bronze Headstrong, I have to use 3 bronze characters.

It would be great if we could use higher ranked characters for ranking up. I have to use 3 bronze to get 1 silver. Let us use one silver to rank up a bronze to silver.
Or if this is too good, let us use two silvers to get evolve one bronze.

At first this may sound stupid. Why would you sacrifies a "better" character for evolving a lower character?
The thing is, everytime I play a PF for gold-keys I will get another gold character. But I don't need the same character that often. The only thing I can use them for right now is for free exp and some skillpoints.
Using them to evolve other characters would give them another use.

Let's go another route. You want to evolve all the bronze characters from PF to silver. But you don't have enough Theonite to buy many relics.
PF are the only way you get bronze characters. This way you have to wait about 4 months to get enough bronze characters to evolve one of them to silver.
With the ability to use higher ranked characters, you could play one or two PF and get enough characters to bring up that one bronze to gold even.

Let's see what others think about this.

Thanks for your time reading all that. I hope my self-taught English didn't hurt your eyes all too badly.
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