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"VAPORWAVE VIXEN" - Strategy and Discussion


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Feb 4, 2018
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"I need peace and tranquility."
Variant: Gold
Palette: #9, original
First Appearance: 4.2 (Mar. 2020)
Demo: https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1240773395660365824

Signature Ability

  • After IDLING or WALKING for 1 seconds(s) without suffering a hit, gain UNFLINCHING.
  • After Fukua and her opponent have not suffered a HIT (includes blocked hits) for 2 seconds, gain THORNS and MIASMA for 10 seconds.
"I need peace and tranquility."

What are your thoughts on this variant named after a microgenre of electronic music, a visual art style, and an Internet meme that emerged in the early 2010s?
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I really like her colors! Glad to see one of the two purple originals made it in.

I'm also rather amused that this Fukua could probably be played very effectively by just going afk and letting Miasma and Thorns do your work for you. I wonder how she'll be on defense though, since I don't know if the AI will know how to handle her since it seems like in general higher level AI = more active.
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I had to rewatch the video over and over again but I still can't seem to figure it out lol.

I think she gains permanent Unflinching when she's iddle (and possibly far away too? not too sure). Unflinching is removed when she gets attacked or moves.

Then it appears that the stack of Miasma and Thorns are granted when the opponent gets closer to her? Not sure whether she has to be benefitting from Unflinching for this to work.

Like @Lililira , I'm curious to see how the AI would work with her. She can potentially be super annoying to deal with.

Here you go fellas
Pure guess here but...

Thorns is already quite annoying to deal with (looking at Criminal mind) in rift atm. Her getting thorns AND healing in Miasma should be pretty good. I can see a few ways to counter her tho. I dont expect to see her in the current version of rift tho. So remains to be seen.
Vaporwave's effectiveness seem to depend a lot on AI behavior. She could be super annoying to deal with if AI knows how to proc the second SA well but I've never faced her so it's purely theoretical.

Night Terror on the other hand seems to be annoying regardless. Too much things to worry about when facing her. You'll need Immunity to get close and land an attack. If you backdash a lot or use projectiles from afar, she gains Miasma and with the aggressiveness of the AI, she WILL try to get close to you so be prepared for some draining shenanigans and Fatigue. Again, never faced her so it's all a big guess.

Maybe we'll get a better picture when we see their ATK/HP stats.
Playing as Vaporwave Vixen Fukua is similar to playing as a Chaos MA Double or a perfect-block fighter (like Hack n' Splash Ms. Fortune or Star-Crossed Parasoul). Dangerous in the occasionally taking your hands off the handlebars as you ride a bike sense.

It is thrilling to backdash and just stand there as the buffs swirl around you. A little unnerving to suddenly want that Cerebella accross the screen to hop over and try to punch you in the face when you have 5 stacks of miasma and thorns. Still trying to figure out these thorns fighters' wanting-damage death wish.
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While mostly a defense thing, Thorns and Bleed-like effects go together like bread and butter, since you don't even need to get a punch in to get that final 1% in and kill your opponent.
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Revisiting this page because of the prize fight! It's sad MIASMA got so nerfed because that definitely decreased her usefulness HOWEVER she still seems pretty tough in the right hands. I think her palette is a reference to Lazer Ryderz but I could be wrong on that. Still, she looks fun to play but the idling does make me nervous because I never really idle except with Double and that's on rare occasion. She could really benefit from her projectiles because that can help keep the opponent away from you long enough to get the buffs! Hopefully everyone who wanted her will get her from the PF!
In terms of defense, I faced her twice in rift 1.0, when Miasma wasn't nerfed. Once in the halftime node with Fukua specific Wither Forecast. Super annoying indeed. If you don't want to lose too much health you'd better curse her or remove her buffs asap, but approaching her is dicey if she has lots of projectiles equipped. Best counter in rift is still Silent Kill, slightly less effective are Mean One, StandOut, Chaos Doublicious and Squiglies. In PF StandOut should do a pretty good job against Vixen.

In terms of offence, idling shouldn't be too much of a problem since it's relatively easy to intercept with Fukua.
Wait, where did you guys see that?
The Devs said in the 4.3 notes that Miasma will no longer be a steady drain, but rather like whither where it takes chunks at a time. This is considered a nerf because time is never on your side in a fight. You'd have to be next to your opponent for longer to have the same effect, and by then they could've BB3d you into oblivion. Before, just having it would be enough to make the opponents BBs useless for a safe counterattack. Not anymore. It's far less safe and effective overall, especially since Fukua is projectile heavy.
So what Marquee ability is best suited for Vaporwave? Tbh they both seem ill suited to Vaporwave since her SA gets her health back. I was thinking maybe Wraith's Wrath since it theoretically would make idling less dangerous at lower health levels.
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At first I didn’t get why her SA says idling or walking. Because the game never gives you enough time to walk. I understand now, so I’m just stopping by to say that I hate her. I very strongly dislike meeting her in PF, especially when I’ve forgotten to bring a CURSE inflicter.

all in all, Fukua seems to have the best gold fighters
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Coming back to say I'm learning that for the August 2022 Slots-o-fun PF gave her an interesting usage:

When buffs are tied to permanent buff modifiers, Vaporwave can bring on the onslaught, use Best Friends Forever and you may even steal buffs from the opponents!

Putting her on a team with Evergreen Evil has been even more interesting with both their SA's working in tandem. I will say tho, I'm enjoying the thrill gaining so many stacks gives me but, I still feel the agony of not paying attention to when she doesn't have unflinching (Rip my last high streak).

She makes you think more defensively: Will it make more sense to wait for unflinching to kick in to intercept that annoying AI? Do you think you can stand to use the Miasma to build up BB3 charge? (It's a nice change of pace but, on the defense side, I do agree it's a toss up with the AI behavior because they may or may not adequately use her abilities.)

Overall, she's one of my favorite units! (And an obligatory note to check out Macintosh Plus while you use her)