• [2018/06/22]
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  1. P

    SP strats pls?

    I Got a shiny splitting image, and ive been using the hell out of her, but im more playing casually than technically, i wanna learn some strategies and character/move combos
  2. Stemen:v

    Roman civil crown?

    I've been playing for a bit over 4 months now and there's something i still cannot comprehend... What is up with that roman crown around some characters' mugshots? I know is a power-up of sorts, but i really don't see any difference in battle, just looks badass when it's filled. Other than...
  3. You cant beat D

    Characters A Purposed "Adjustment" to Fukua Vaporwave Vixen's signature ability.

    This is a short (Ended up longer then I expected) point but I feel it should be known. Fukua: vaporwave vixen's signature ability is unlike any other in the game, but it's wording beholds a small problem. Signature ability 1 states: "After IDLING or WALKING for x second(s) without suffering a...
  4. Pandamonium

    Bug - Normal Feathered edges fukua problem

    In its description is says that if you do a well-timed block, you gain 1/2/3 stacks of barrier and the opponent gains disable tag ins and disable blockbuster both for 10 secs. Unfortunately, when doing so in battle, disable blockbusters only lasts 5 seconds and only disable tag ins last 10 secs...
  5. Art3mes

    Best Bròñzè and Sîlvèr Fukua

    As you can see there are many gems among bronze tier of almost all characters. Such as: Beatbox for Big Band Cold Stones for Beowulf Rusty for Painwheel Sheltered for Parasol Bad Hair Day for Filia As one may never regret evolving them to Gold. But not all Bronzes are worth such as of Double...
  6. P4CTR4N

    Bug - Normal Filia and Fukua are Not reacting to Bogus Buzzard

    I recorded for my self in thet training room, is incredible annoying that you can do the Double special combo to all characters, "smaller ones and bigger ones" but when you try it with Filia and Fukua they destroy all the match, all your game to the garbage because Bogus Buzzard don't connect...
  7. XxViolettaxX

    Summoning Video Over 200 Relics Crazy Luck 0.0

    I actually did this video a few days ago, but the servers for the forum were down???? :( But I'm glad to see they're back up ^.^ I got crazy good luck this time around, honestly I felt surprised lol. But any way, just showing my forever love for this wonderful game and I'm sharing it with all of...
  8. BallotBoxer

    Marquee Ability: Untethered Entity

    SPECTRAL SPITE Deal 1% bonus damage for every 5% HEALTH missing. WRAITH'S WRATH Reduce damage taken by 1% for every 5% HEALTH missing. The Marquee Ability selections for Fukua are framed as a simple choice between offense and defense, but is it that simple? Which variants would benefit most...
  9. Manowar

    Fukua Daily Event

    I beat the master event with a maxed out silver souls sister. It’s possible. The only BB I had was head over heals BB3 so I was reasonably assured I wouldn’t proc the fatigue. Then I just spammed orbs and made good use of lash out. A little RNG also helps with the team you end up facing.
  10. Art3mes

    Bug - Normal Game lag after 4.2 update

    In any mode, whenever any player (either it is fukua, double or big band) gains MIASMA, the game starts to lag. When the benefitted player either tags out or dies, game returns to normal speed. In a nutshell, miasma is making the game lag.
  11. BallotBoxer

    "VAPORWAVE VIXEN" - Strategy and Discussion

    "I need peace and tranquility." VAPORWAVE VIXEN FUKUA Element: Air Variant: Gold Palette: #9, original First Appearance: 4.2 (Mar. 2020) Demo: https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1240773395660365824 Signature Ability JUST VIBING After IDLING or WALKING for 1 seconds(s) without suffering a...
  12. BallotBoxer

    "ROUGH COPY" - Strategy and Discussion

    "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" ROUGH COPY FUKUA Element: Air Variant: Bronze Palette: default First Appearance: 4.2 (Mar. 2020) Demo: https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1237565351463809024 Signature Ability LIKE-MINDED Any teammate below 50% HEALTH gains permanent HASTE when...
  13. Manowar

    Fukua Speculation

    Fukua is coming so I want to speculate on how she'll fit into the game, BB'S, specials, possible variants and her catalyst. Moves I'm hoping make it to mobile are grabs Tender Embrace and Inevitable Snuggle. Of course I hope that she has lots of dopples and fireballs you can spam as...
  14. You cant beat D

    "Reverse Filia" A fukua concept

    With fukua being a Clone of filia, i thought it would be funny to think of her Entire character being as such in sgm, but i took it one step further and made her completely a Reverse filia to the best of my abbilties, (Note: i by no means want to see these ideas in the game, as most of them are...
  15. Cartouche‼

    Fukua Speculation!

    Speculate to your heart's content on how you think Fukua will play on mobile! As a note: Filia is the original, Fukua is something... Clone? Sweet Bad dream? What will her character ability be? Which moves will be specials? What will her bogus blockbuster / pseudo super be? What benefit will...
  16. Renan Flippy

    So What About Fukua?

    As many of you know, there are high chances that Fukua does not appear in SG Mobile for three reasons. 1. It is not canon 2. Filia has some of its special moves and BlockBusters. 3. Her poster does not appear in the Twitter posts of the game. But, is there a possibility that Fukua appears as a...
  17. Nonexistent

    Where's Fukua????

    I wonder what happened to Fukua, she doesn't even have own charcter link so I'll put this in the Filia thread. (makes sense right?) So....I think they didn't one because she's probably not going to be in the game.:( It's mostly this is right because Filia already has most of Fukua's moves! Even...