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Fukua Speculation


Jul 20, 2018
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Fukua is coming so I want to speculate on how she'll fit into the game, BB'S, specials, possible variants and her catalyst.

Moves I'm hoping make it to mobile are grabs Tender Embrace and Inevitable Snuggle. Of course I hope that she has lots of dopples and fireballs you can spam as specials(cooldown mod anyone?) BFF is a really cool BB.

I hope at least one of her variants is a tank/armor buster like Ultraviolent. Just spamming armor breaking fireballs would be cool. An evasion heavy variant would be cool. I have no idea what her MA could be.

A catalyst that stacks blessing or thorns would be cool as I don't think they are used in any catas yet. What do you guys think? Maybe some new modifiers all together????
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My move predictions:
Specials: M Love Dart, H Platonic Drillationship, Heartseeker, one or more versions of Forever A Clone
Level 1: Drill of My Dreams and Blown Kiss
Level 2: Inevitable Snuggle, Best Friends Forever
Level 3: Twice Shy and Head Over Heels

Platonic Drillationship, Drill of My Dreams, and Twice Shy are already in SGM as Filia's Drillationship, Drill Tempered, and Blowout, respectively. Seems a little silly not to give those moves to the character that should rightfully have them since the vast majority of the work would already be done. Levels on DoMD and Twice Shy are to match Filia's versions; levels on Blown Kiss and BFF were picked arbitrarily to avoid putting both ranged Blockbusters on the same level. Love Dart and Forever A Clone (and by extension Blown Kiss and BFF) highlight Fukua's ranged gameplay. Heartseeker here acts like Robo's Fidget Spin, usable when grounded but best as a followup to her juggle to set up a good OTG. Since she's not particularly grapple-focused, I omitted Embrace and put Snuggle at Level 2 to reflect how strong an armored-startup command-grab is likely to be with SGM's controls. Head Over Heels is Fukua's Level 5 in 2E; adding it as a second Level 3 lets her mirror Filia's pair.

Skin predictions:
(See here if you don't have a copy of 2E handy)
#1 is her default skin, so that's a given as one of her Bronzes. Her color scheme suggests Air or Dark; I'll guess Air just to be different from Filia. Based on the trend for the default skins to have put-downs for names, I'll suggest "Bad Dream."

#4 (Decapre), similarly, is a shoo-in for referencing the character that inspired Fukua. Gold + Water, maybe?

Given the other Kill La Kill skins in SGM, I'm guessing we'll get #24 (Mind-Controlled Ryūko) as a Diamond + Light fighter. (Bonus points for being the evil opposite of Class Cutter.) "Living Nightmare" or "Waking Nightmare," perhaps?

We'll probably see #7 (Akuma) and either #16 (Violent Ken) or #23 (Robo-Ky Mk.II) as Fire variants -- #5 (Ermac) and especially #25 (Orochi Shermi) look too similar to Frayed Ends, IMO.

Likewise, we probably won't get #8 (Mech-Zangief), #11 (Rain), or #17 (Shadow the Hedgehog) -- while the full skins are colors that read well for associating with various SGM elements, their headshots would all be the same "Caucasian skin with black hair and brightly colored Parasite teeth" setup as Class Cutter (and, minus the teeth, similar to Bad Hair Day).

I'm split on #12 (Reptile). On the one hand, she'd have the same "too similar to CC" issue with her headshot; on the other, she's maybe the only skin that reads well as an Air besides #1.

Two long shots: #13 (Maeruto Suezumaeki) would be a fun pick for a Dark skin, just to keep the Lab Zero in-joke running. #22 (War Machine) would be a good pick for a Neutral skin, in the unlikely event Fukua gets one.
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The best site for palettes is the Mizuumi wiki (where the Shoryuken wiki section migrated to)

Great place to see everything Fukua: http://wiki.mizuumi.net/w/Skullgirls/Fukua

What I don't get is everyone has 25 colors (Big Band had 26), but the Mizuumi wiki shows nearly everyone getting up to 27 colors. When were the bonus palettes added? For instance, #26 for Parasoul is Widowmaker from Overwatch.

EDIT: Turns out 26 and 27 are bonus palettes that came with the recent Nintendo Switch release!
(the ones so far: https://twitter.com/i/events/1192571925572272129 )

(I'll post my Fukua palette picks later!)
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Ooh, let's have a look!

I've never played any of the OG Skullgirls games, so i don't really have a lot to add in terms of moveset, but since Mobile Filia borrows some from Console Fukua's moveset, it makes sense to me for the reverse to be true at least a little bit. Maybe we'll get Airball as a special move, as a Juggle extender.

As for palettes, I feel like she's fighting for space with Filia, so many of the palettes that look too similar to one of Filia's variants are probably off the table entirely, which unfortunately rules out quite a few.

I'm hoping that #3 makes it in, probably as the other Bronze variant, since most of the existing bronzes are original palettes. Echoing the thought that #13, the Naruto parody palette is going to make it in. #26, the Princess Daisy variant, seems like a pretty good guess for a Light variant. I would guess that she'll probably favor Dark variants overall though, since many of her palettes prominently feature purple.

Definitely agree that there seems to be a shortage of possible wind variants though (#12 and *maybe* #23, though that would definitely be a stretch), so I'm guessing she might borrow some from Filia's console lineup, or maybe just have a few brand new ones.

( http://wiki.mizuumi.net/w/Skullgirls/Filia#Colors )
From Filia, #10 and #17 seem like good potential picks for Wind variants.

Also, just tossing a few names out here, without any real connections to them.
  • Phantomime,
  • Faux Foe,
  • Parodoxigal or Parodoxygal (Parody, Gal, and Paradoxical mashed together),
  • Big Wig,
  • Original the Palette (based on the whole 'Original the Character, donut steal' joke that pokes fun at fan characters that are mostly just recolors of the protagonist),
  • Mechanigal (For any of the palettes based on robotic doubles of other characters)

(Also, I cannot believe that Squig's 26th and 27th palettes are Ronald McDonald and Sans Undertale. Devs pls, I need these immediately.)
I think the Fukua colors will try to be as inhuman as possible to distinguish her from Filia. It works... until you get to silver. I couldn't resist the bright yellow of the Sean palette and the bleach-blonde original color.





As for names, there are too many themes to pick from. Like how she is a clone (doppleganger, twin, duplicate, shadow), artificial (homunculus, fake, doll), evil/insane, or a non-canon April Fool's joke. Maybe include some hair puns like Filia. I dunno. If I was HVS, I'd throw in some custom palettes just to shake things up.
Oh, also, here's a zoom in of Fukua's bronze card from the new char reveal banner:
That looks like 'ANT' to me, so I'm guessing based on positioning that the default's name is going to contain 'Phantom' as the main word that the name is based around.
I'd like to see an ability like "I Am You" where she gains thorns or has some other means of damage reflection, based off of a poor joke referencing her being a clone. Also, any ideas about her debuffs?
Good question!

I'm guessing the next buffs / debuffs we'll get are ones that speed up / slow down the recharge speed of special moves, to go along with Haste and Slow. Maybe we'll also see buffs / debuffs that affect the new move substats, like stackable buffs that raise Piercing and Accuracy, and a stackable debuff that lowers Crit Rate. Maybe a debuff that removes Element Bonus while also doubling Element Penalty, that would be cool to use for new Double variants.

Also, here's some SA speculation:

Mirror Match
50/60/70% chance to gain a copy of any buff that your opponent gains.
50/60/70% chance for your opponent to suffer a copy of any debuff that you are affected with.

Opposite Day
Regain health equal to 100/150/200% of damage taken while Blocking.
Inflict Inverse Polarity and Wither for 5/7/10 seconds when hitting the opponent with an Orb or Clone.

April Fools
Whenever the enemy gains a buff, have a 50/60/70% chance to instead inflict the matching debuff.
Whenever you're inflicted with a debuff, have a 50/60/70% chance to instead gain the matching buff.

( Buff / Debuff matching pairs: Regen + Bleed, Heavy Regen + Heavy Bleed, Immunity + Curse, Haste + Slow, Precision + Death Mark, Enrage + Cripple, Armor + Armor Break. Some others don't have exact pairs though, so maybe they could just go to whichever buff/debuff mostly closely resembles one that does the opposite of what they do, so Wither and BB Disable could go to Haste for example. )

70% for Mirror Match and April Fools so that they can be built up to 100% total through Accuracy, but so that Accuracy can also be countered by Resistance, so hopefully they could be somewhat reliable without being OP.
  • Fukua Daily Event = Thursday (joins lonely Painwheel's Anger Management)
  • Fukua inside special relics
  • Fukua Character relic only available included with Fighter Variety Pack deal ($99 = 8x per character, so 112 relics, 8 for Fukua)

  • Fukua Prize Fight
  • Fukua Character Relic
  • Fukua in every relic

  • Fukua Origin Story (aka "Filia had a bad dream. The End. lol")

A mix of official announcement and prediction (99.9% they'll put the Daily Event on Thursday). I'm eager to see the week leading up to the release where they reveal a variant every day, everyone going nuts trying to guess the SA powers or begging for palette picks.
I think the diamonds will be water and fire since those have the least number of diamonds. I'm hoping #8 or #16 for fire, #22 or #4 for water. Also hot take: I hope we get more palettes that don't perfectly color match the element. Look at the card art of Tres Chic and then Temple Tyrant and tell me what looks better.
For me personally, these are the colour palettes that I would love to see:

Bronze - It's undoubtedly going to be #1 for sure. As for the 2nd bronze, I think that they pick either #2 or #3, since those are originals.

Silver - I think #4 should be one of the silver. Fukua was created as a joke character because of Street Fighter's Decapre, so it's only fitting that the Decapre pallet is either silver or gold.

As for the second silver, I'm stuck between the Ermac and Akuma pallet, so either one is okay for me.

Gold - Definitely I want #20, because that is the Red Venom palette and I'm such a Marvel geek.
As for the remaining 2, I think either Rain or Reptile, since those two started as colour swaps of Scorpion, so it just seems right that they get some recognition. The last gold, I would like to see the Violent Ken palette, since Fukua is technically an evil Filia.

Diamond - Without a second thought, I want War Machine ( again a Marvel geek ) and mind control Ryuko, since Filia is the normal it's only fitting that Fukua is the opposite.

We all know that her daily challenge is going to be on Thursdays, but what will they name it. I was thinking ( and please hear me out ),since Fukua's "story" is that Filia is having a nightmare, why don't we call it ' Nightmare on Maple Street'...see what I did there.
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I wonder how high will the first gold PF will go, considering it will be the first "guaranted" for a lot of us. Will it be the peak of inflation and reach 25 mill or will it stay at "just 21" like the usual PFs?
I'd bet that for the first few months after the PF releases the 10% cutoff is going to be ridiculously big, both compared to the other char's PFs, and what the 'normal' cutoff for it eventually is.

I'd be willing to bet that it's somewhere closer to 35-45mil for the first few times and slowly go down over in the months after, and it'll eventually settle at a much more normal 22-25mil after folks start building up their Fukua collections. Of course, it will really depend on how good the Fukua variant offered is, what the pf modifier is, and how long it takes the hype to die down, but I'm betting it'll stay as one of the highest scoring ones.

The reason my estimate is so high is that, unlike past fighter releases, Fukua's PF will be added in the same update that she's added to normal relics, which means it'll be a lot of folks first decent chance at getting a Gold Fukua. I'm guessing they're going to go absolutely buck wild trying to get her, and I'd bet that way more than 10% of the playerbase is going to be trying for those top spots. Even the folks who have a Gold Fukua already are probably going to try for top 10% so they can get evolution fodder. It's going to be ridiculous for a while.
The first showcase video is up on the twitter. What interested me was the Fatigue debuff. We don't really get to see what it does since it's activated within a combo, but what do you guys think?

My initial thought was, Oh, it's like a stun, but it doesn't make sense to have two debuffs essentially doing the same thing. Maybe it slows down movements, without completely paralyzing like stun.
Oh, also, here's a zoom in of Fukua's bronze card from the new char reveal banner:
View attachment 8592
That looks like 'ANT' to me, so I'm guessing based on positioning that the default's name is going to contain 'Phantom' as the main word that the name is based around.

Just a heads up this was my bad! I made that image, and only intended for the FUKUA part to be visible, but I moved some other cards around and forgot to fix it later.

The actual card in that image is not terribly exciting :p

I don't want to hog all the Fukua threads so I'll give someone else the chance to make the Infernal Twin Fukua thread (don't take too long though!). As for Fukua in general...

The pattern appears to be two parts (AB): A = "Negative characteristic adjective" and B = "noun of similar or identical nature"
Rough Copy
Infernal Twin
Evil Echo
Crude Clone
Mad Mimic
Faux Facsimile
Rotten Reflection
Shallow Shadow

It is a fun combo that can go a long way.

FATIGUE = countdown to STUN
MIASMA = damage opponent to regain HEALTH

Blockbuster "Goodnight Kiss" appears to inflict Wither and Fatigue. Infernal Twin seems to trigger Fatigue once she (with 3 stacks of Enrage) gets attacked by an enemy that is below 50% health.

The taunt special move "Breakdown" grants Fukua a stack of Miasma. Appears to have a "life steal" property. Perhaps it only heals scratch damage (which Fukua will always have 100% of).
@BallotBoxer I love your posts a lot. Thank you for being here.
Btw I just logged in to say that I actually really dig the variant names: "Faux Facsimile" and "Rotten Reflection" I hope they'll make use of them sometime. Really hyped for Fukua.
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The final Fukua is coming very soon. I think we are headed towards a Diamond Decapre.

There has been many fighting-game focused palette picks:
The Mortal Kombat silver trio, Falco (Star Fox series, but also Smash Bros.), and a diamond DoA Honkers.

It has to be Decapre from Ultra Street Fighter IV. Fukua wouldn't exist without her. Capcom made a trailer and then just two weeks later, Lab Zero made a parody trailer (and entire character!) to mock them on April Fool's day.

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Fukua is awesome. I got both bronze variants and two of the three silvers. Alas RNG was not on my side, and I did not get any golds or diamonds. Some day....... So far Souls Sister is my favorite.