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Other Various ideas I've come up with

Sep 29, 2017
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I've been playing this for a good while, since beo was announced to be exact, I've had a few diffrent ideas that I think would be nice to have in the game in the future that i wanted to share. I'm going to try to avoid going over things we already know they're working on, like master difficulty for the main and sub campaigns, and assists/dhc, but I don't use the forms too much, so someone could have suggested these before, if so, sorry :3

(Note. I am not a high meta player, meaning while i play this game everyday, im Not much for using the optimal combos and builds or whatever, I just kinda make my own and go with it, so everything i say has the potential to be really bad)

Idea 1. Move Markers

When i wanna try out a new set of moves, it becomes kinda annoying having to find and re-eqiup the ones I had before, not impossible, but annoying, since if i don't rember the moves level, i have to click all 6 different versions of it until i find the right one. a way i purpose to subvert this, is the abbilty to add markers to moves, and characters. let's say, you have 5 shapes,

circle, square, triangle, hexagon and rhombus.

And 5 colors

Red, blue, green, yellow, and white.

So, I take off my Thimphany drive, and beat extend, and want to find them later I can mark them both as a yellow triangle, then when I want to get them back, I sort by yellow triangle, and find it.

I also figured, why not do it with charaters too, because i know people out here have A LOT Of characters.

Idea 2. Training settings

I hardly use training, because I don't lab out combos like that, but something that would make it more useful, are training settings what i mean is, in training, you can pause the game, and in the pause many, click another tab that allows you to adjust various settings such as:
The ai,
Being able to select it's actions like Idle/grabbing/specials, etc

The ai's characters,
it would be nice to practice against real variants of the characters, like dreadlocks or resonant evil, on top of that, being able to select the levels of there SA and MA Would help as well

Buffs and debuffs?
This would be a stretch, but being able to modify those too would be great for all sorts of testing.

Idea 3. Chat improvements

I know this kinda crosses the line where i said i wouldn't talk about anything we already knew they're working on, but i don't know if they are working on this

What i mean are, Chat emoji, a quick way express whatever you have to say before the conversation moves on. you'd have some facial exspressions like from ms fortune's head, umbrella's salty face, etc, as well as ones for your character portraits, like if someone asks, "what's your Favourite Ms. fortune?" I can put the emoji of my claw and order, and maybe if you wanna go extra, you can click on character emoji's to show the stats of that specific character? Just a thought.

Well, that's all my ideas for now, what do you think? And once again, sorry if i talk about something that's already been talked about. I make mistakes a lot, but I've tried not to do that as much. Thank you!