• [2018/06/22]
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Other Voice effects and background audio settings


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Jun 26, 2023
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Dear Hidden Variant developer,
Greetings and hello 👋✌️🙏

I have a humble request if I may please.
I wish to ask our dear developers here if possible to put in some benefitial settings about voice options here.

the perfect example was of an issue upon that mostly annoying announcer voice that kept on popping out every time when a battle ends up either in a Victory or a Defeat.

I also enjoy and love the voice quotes of every character's end fight quotes as well and it's so fun 🥰

but listening to that announcer ("that's perfect", "can we get approvals from our contestants", "incredible " etc....) everytime when a fight ends up was really quite annoying. 😓😥

Please can we ask for an improvement setting update upon this audio voice issue to be fixed up soon if possible.

thank you very much for all your awesome hard work, patience and great achievements.

and again thank you very much In advance 🙏☺️
I have noticed too that the volume control is not equal for the menu SFXs and the fight sounds and voices. It would be nice if they could fix this issue to play with low volume, while lisening something else in the background...
También he notado que el control de volumen no es igual para los SFX del menú y los sonidos y voces de las peleas. Sería bueno si pudieran solucionar este problema para reproducir con el volumen bajo, mientras se escucha algo más de fondo...
Ea erick soy yo rafa seria bueno que también tengan musica de cada festividad mensual y escenarios de su respectiva festividad e incluso en la fecha de diciembre que caigan copos de nieve en el menú principal
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