• [2018/06/22]
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feedback and suggestions

  1. K

    Other New Fighters Suggestion

    Maybe Increase the chances of getting a new fighter when they are released (I know there are those 2x relics). Or maybe even give away a bronze version of new fighters when released. Black Dahlia is out and I'm only now getting my 3rd Umbrella (all bronze) despite playing constantly and even...
  2. NoiGS

    Fights Templates of team

    Hi there. I've been playing over more than a year (or maybe 2) And I noticed that it would be easier why to have a template system where you can store your favorite team ups. Let's say if I have a top team, a water team, a "farming" team, etc. In mind, is annoying to search in all the cards I...
  3. P

    Ashes to Ashes & Center Stage.

    These 2 moves are considered squigly's worst moves for different reasons. Ashes doesn't combo at all and the only safe use-case for it as as a combo finisher, but there are way more better options for that. Aswell it inflicts wither which squigly can already inflict with opera and inferno, and...
  4. Salmonid

    Other Dailies Skip/Auto Suggestion

    Can we add a feature for people who are level seventy where they can skip battles in Daily events when using a team of stronger fighters or something like that? I noticed in a few other mobile games there are options like this where weaker daily grind fights can be skipped if the team is like...
  5. StarUrania

    Other diamond keys shouldn't be so scarce

    the whole concept of diamond keys is dumb and the way they get distributed is awful. 1. spending 1M coin for 1 diamond key is horrendous, especially since coins have so many other uses. it would make more sense I would get 2 or hell even 3 for 1M that would actually make buying them not so bad...
  6. B

    Fights Single-Player Versus Mode!

    I think a Single-Player Versus Mode would only make the fun game even more highly playable than it already is. This applies to both Competitive and Free for All. Especially given my experience with the multiplayer version we currently have, how hard it has personally been for me to find...
  7. M

    Fights Rift Base test mode

    Hoping to get the attention of devs and see if any other players agree that it'd be an excellent feature to test your own rift base. The ability to equip your characters and catalysts to one of your Rift nodes would be well accompanied by the ability to then play against that node with other...
  8. Renan Flippy

    So What About Fukua?

    As many of you know, there are high chances that Fukua does not appear in SG Mobile for three reasons. 1. It is not canon 2. Filia has some of its special moves and BlockBusters. 3. Her poster does not appear in the Twitter posts of the game. But, is there a possibility that Fukua appears as a...