• [2018/06/22]
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Characters Weak characters

Blessed Mage

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Feb 15, 2021
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I don't understand why the developers don't improve the characters. There was one good update, but that's it. It's much easier to improve characters a little than making new ones and the fact that they take up space in the player's collection and do not bring pleasure.
I want to suggest some changes to make these characters more playable and fun.
H. Handed must inflict death mark when she gains 5 st. enrage and after hitting it will be disabled. This will allow her to be somewhat stronger and fits well with her first ability.
Star Sp.
She needs to add something to the stun. Even a cold stones has +50% damage.
Possible that she would infict (like double`s chaos) random debuffs with the same 25% chance. Well, or something else that will look good with her stun.
Tidal Tr.
I've played Umbrella a little but her abilities seem to be weak. The puddle disappears too quickly.
It seems to me that she should gain immunity immediately and not after 1 second and the additional damage should be slightly increased to 60/75%. Because there are not so many bubbles-attacks
Private D.
I want to make funny d. dealer for pf like purrminator. He should receive 1 timeless st. enrage for each (or 2-3 for balance) stun inflicted and when it reaches 5 st. they turn into 1 permanent st. enrage and again. So you can get 200% like Epic S.G. but otherwise and with almost infinite control of the opponent
Brain Freeze
It would be nice to add some new mechanics to it. For example, so that she could add HP to herself in battle. 5% for grab and for example +50% elimination of one enemy. Something like this
Lapis Luxury
Firstly, it should not replace, but add the enemy scale to its own
Yes, and here the scarlet v. ability would be great. She would be able to safely lose HP and kill the enemy faster and apply HP replacement to the last one.
Parasite Weave
Just give her something instead of slow. Curse or heal block. Something more useful.
Idol Treat
Hitting a dashing opponent must inflict an extra damage is % (7.5 - 15%) of the enemy's maximum HP and this damage should be increased by a possible critical hit.
Night Terror
When a fatigue is inflicted on the opponent, each hit to the block must cause the block to split with
15-20% chance and miasma should be given if the stun of fatigue is successful.
The damage increase should also work with break armor and each projectile should heal peacock by 1-5%
Vintage Virtuoso
Timeless precision for 10-25 precision hits
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