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What's better? Prestige or duplicates?


Jun 12, 2019
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I wanted to create this thread as a place to discuss which situations it's better to have 2 of the same fully-powered fighters or just one fighter with prestige.

I remember seeing some players in the in-game chat roasting someone for sacrificing one of their Model Leader Annies to get the prestige ability. They all seemed to agree that having 2 fully-powered MLs would be better. I don't play much with Annie, and I still don't have an ML, so idk if that's true. However, I do know that not all fighters are equal. There are other fighters like Overclocked Robo-Fortune whom I wouldn't hesitate for one second to exchange a duplicate for access to the prestige ability!

I can't find any topics on this, so I figured I'd start the conversation here. Feel free to ask about any fighters that you have more than one of, but you're not sure if the prestige is worth it.

I'll start. Is the prestige worth it for Unholy Host - Black Dahlia?
My 2 cents .
It depends on how good the prestige is to begin with .
2nd are you gonna use it offensively or defensively
Duplicates in your rift base impact you negatively unless you really are confident in your base , which leaves only the PF defense as a option to have duplicates , but then again are you gonna invest twice ?

Ill definitely get PA for a defender and keep the fighter if its a S tier offensive ( Like LC or BK )
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I think prestige is almost always a better choice than duplicates.

Rift: penalizes dupes
Parallel Realms: encouraged, I guess? I've seen people boast about building support dupes just for SA backups. Like another Harlequin Cerebella for faster special cooldown.
Prize Fights: neutral

Even when the PA is niche/borderline useless (I'm looking at you Filia), it is a general improvement or advantage (except for Neuromancer Painwheel who wants the blocks!).

^I'd tell ZeoW from a year ago that the biggest benefit of Squigly's PA is ruining Valentine revive game plans.
I do know that not all fighters are equal
IMHO, it pretty much boils down to this^

I think this a fighter-by-fighter decision.
You'll get plenty of dupes below Diamond, which means you can unlock prestige 'a little' and try it out...and then increase as you like.
The rub with Nat Diamond Prestige is that you only can go 'all in', well at the very least half-in and with the scarcity of Diamonds...that's a pretty steep commitment just to unlock prestige...so it better be worth it.

OTHO, the only real 'advantage' to having more than 1 fully vested variant is probably on PF defense...I mean 1 ML on defense is problematic for many...2 would be brutal. I don't know if having dupes on offense in PFs is all that advantageous, cuz running one is easy with energy refills, but 2 on the same team...highly situational IMHO.

It's all a matter of personal preference for what to do with that first dupe Nat Diamond...if you play long enough and open enough relics, depending on your luck you'll eventually get 3 or 4 dupes and well, you can do both.