• [2018/06/22]
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Riddle me this: Why are our defensive fighters in Rifts available to fight other Bases? How can they be in 2 'places' at once?
Got my 2nd necrobreaker, so I prestiged her! Naturally, I sacrificed her right after. Her fault for not being a cat.
Hi guys,
I'm new to the game.
Just wondering, is there a complete list of all variants with their maxed ATK & HP stats?
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Erick Draves
Erick Draves
Yes, there it is!! https://krazete.github.io/sgm/

Quick tip: Sorry for the late reply, wellcome to the game!! Don´t sacrifice any character, only if you have duplicate (in case you have an awesome variant and could use it latter) and for evolving!!
50M in 3 days (and dozens energy refills) is only worth 2 gold moves? Somethings gotta change with Dia (and all) PF rewards...Personally, I don't care about the Dia Key, just want a fighter for that much effort (btw, don't think I've forgotten we used to get 3 each PF)
Why cant i say the word sp oi le rs?

It prevents me from adding sp oi le rs.
I have to space it so it can post.

Please help!
Hola Koco, disculpa la molestía, ¿de casualidad sabrías a quien me tengo que dirigir para reportar un usuario que ha estado molestando a mi hermana en el chat del juego? te ví una vez en el chat hispano y quisiera saber si me tengo que dirigir contigo o con alguien más para estos casos, te agradezco mucho.
Anyways, my left arm is no longer sore, and i'm back to usual now; Palettes? Probably, but might cut down on post length