• [2018/06/22]
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So... I was in a tough situation. Valentine PF, having a really weak Double against diamond Squigly. Amazingly could handle it until she was with a small amount of HP, did the Beast of Gehenna BB and blocked to make the opponent to approach... worked but... I lost, because random and luck, Double switched to a element that was a penalty, so damage reflected... I felt so pissed off that day.
Y'all see that new twitter post? 👀

Oh my!
My blood pressure is rising
Loving the new SGM banner on here😍
So I checked the PC version.
Which banner you are talking about?
@Art3mes you know how before there was just the regular Skullgirls logo up top? Well I just noticed they changed it to Annie instead. (Oh lordy I hope that wasn't always there and I'm not remembering wrong lol)
@Hall☆weenQueen 🤔🤔
Oh my God! Yes. You're right.
There was a small icon of Skullgirls before but now it's changed to much bigger, much beautiful Annie logo.

But I kinda feel bad for other characters, they are also part of the game, there should be a combined full cast logo.
But Devs have their reasons.
When you are collecting relics and wants to open it only on a certain special occasion (some tips):
Rule 1: Never go inside the relics menu.
Rule 2: Just forget that there is even a relics function in the game.
Rule 3: Disable chats as anyone getting a Shiny Overclocked, will surely tempt you to open relics.
Rule 4: Never forget the tier 3 deployment. It's a confirmed relic, per day.
Rule 5: Focus on leveling up your other fighters, and fodders.
recuerdas que yo te iba a mandar la solicitud de amistad en SGM, pues ya te mandé con las dos cuentas
;);););)😃😃 😃😃
Lo olvidé por completo. Lo comprobaré lo antes posible.
¡No te preocupes!
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a veces en el modo versus parece que voy a perder, gano 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 y eso que son personas y no la IA
Top 10% in just 27mil.
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Also there with 107M. Was it worth it? Guess you can't have too many Dia shards.
Oh! The Diamond shards!😣

The curve really gets sharper, as we climb up.
I hate these fighters that have SAs that are half offensive and half defensive. Water element seems to be full of them, but they exist in other elements too.