What palettes and signature abilities do you hope to see for future fighters?

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    #19 ELIZA (Transistor palette)
    [ character card sample ]
    Tier: Silver
    Element: Water
    Variant Name: ???
    Signature Ability Name: Procedural Elimination*??? Performance Crash**???
    * based on The Process killing Cloudbank's citizens, as well as Red having to destroy The Processes that obstruct her path
    ** based on the night of Red's disappearance, as well as her Function Crash()​

    Eliza, as Red, specific Signature Abilities:
    1. TAUNT also increases CRIT RATE by max 30% & grants opponent with ENRAGE for max 12 seconds
    2. max 40% chance to gain UNFLINCHING for max 3 seconds when opponent recovers from hitstun
    3. gain ENRAGE for max 10 seconds when enemy attack is successfully countered
    4. when distanced from opponent, gain ARMOR for max 10 seconds
    5. max 15% chance to inflict STUN for max 7 seconds on hit, also gain 2 stacks of ENRAGE for max 6 seconds
    6. on CRITICAL HIT, max 50% chance to inflict SLOW and max 60% chance to inflict HEAVY BLEED on opponent
    7. gain HASTE for max 12 seconds when performing Hathor's Return before Sekhmet's time runs out
    # based on: 1. Red's songs can influence people 2. when Time's almost out, player may be able to perform one last action 3. gameplay strategy involving Backstab bonus 4. gameplay strategy involving retreating at end of Turn() 5. gameplay strategy involving Crash() as the initial hit 6. Crash() with Purge() 7. no penalty for unused Turn() time, Turn() will just recharge in less time

    Sekhmet, as The Process, specific Signature Abilities:

    1. max 60% chance to DISABLE BLOCKBUSTER, SPECIALS, & TAG INS for max 12 seconds when releasing Sekhmet
    2. max 40% chance to inflict STUN for max 5 seconds on opponent when attacked while in Sekhmet Mode
    3. inflict permanent HEX and HEAL BLOCK on opponent while in Sekhmet Mode
    4. gain permanent HEAVY REGEN when Sekhmet is close to Eliza and inflict permanent HEAVY BLEED when Sekhmet is close to opponent
    5. Eliza gains ARMOR for max 20 seconds every 30 seconds and when half of the Sekhmet Mode timer passes, gain 1 additional stack of ARMOR for max 10 seconds
    6. inflict CRIPPLE and ARMOR BREAK for max 15 seconds when releasing Sekhmet
    7. max 60% chance for Sekhmet to inflict STUN on opponent for max 6 seconds on hit
    8. Sekhmet Mode timer lasts twice as long
    9. upon death while in Sekhmet Mode, revive with FINAL STAND for max 15 seconds and max 50% max health, also inflict SLOW for max 20 seconds and inflict damage equal to max 33% max health on opponent
    # based on: 1. The Process taking away Red's voice 2. Clucker Version 3.0: Turn() Disruptor 3. The Process taking away Red's voice 4. Weed 5. Cheerleader 6. Snapshot 7. Fetch Version 3.0: Stunning Bark 8. Breach() passive effect 9. YoungLady death spawns Badcells, also Badcell death

    i haven't played Transistor yet unfortunately, so all the signature ability ideas are translated into SGM terms from what i read on the wiki
    this will be edited later to include my fav and functional SA pairs she could have
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