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    This thread is for discussing Beowulf's gold variant: "WULFSBANE"
    General strategy, team position, character role, etc.
    It all goes here!

    * Please note that the fighter score shown in this image may not reflect the actual fighter score of the variant in game.
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    Ah Wulfsbane, a love letter to true destruction and brute force with his debuffs AND extra damage to those debuffed enemies.

    Your best bet is to maximize your attack stat and defense stat to keep yourself up in case you slip, as many times, he's framed as tanky to almost all of the fighters that aren't himself or a Big Band or Cerebella. I personally have priority towards Critical rate and damage as I'm partial to using Geatish Trepak and element bonus in order to weed our Diva Intervention, Epic Sax, and Big Top. Also recommended is Meter Gain in order to bring down the amount of time it takes to charge a BB or a BB3.

    If you can pair well with a regen inducing partner (I.E Surgeon General), you're making real strides as he can dish out enough damage to wreck most team granted they can be directly affected by the debuffs (In this case, he's countered by Armor like Armed Forces / Resonant Evil)

    Suggested moves I would say are:

    BB: Geatish Trepak (If you lean towards critical hits)
    BB: Lupine Pummel (Cannot crit, but has much more hits compared to Geatish Trepak. Either are a good way to deal with unflinching enemies as they are also command grabs)
    BB3: Wulfamania! (The best when used during Hype Mode)
    Wulf Shoot (A must to get Hype Mode to it's peak)
    Wulf Blitzer (Also a must, in case the ground combo + air combo does not land a debuff, Wulf Blitzer has a chance to land Armor Break. Can help deal with Armored units)
    Beowulf's Howl (The taunt in which he gains haste while howling. Also gives 1 Hype Mode token. Use it after knocking out someone for a chance to bring up the meter gain for Wulfamania or your other BB3!)

    I will say his unblockable charge move is as good as it gets. It's no Titan Knuckle in terms of range, but Grendel Flex actually does two large hits to the opponent, which can be a wonderful start to a second opponent's life when you charge and let it unleash right as they fall in to battle!

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