• [2018/06/22]
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  1. cybik

    Other Supported Android Devices

    Actually, I was asking if you could *remove* the Shield AndroidTV, as it doesn't have a touchscreen and isn't conducive to the input approach you have.
  2. cybik

    Other Supported Android Devices

    My bad for the assumption. Also the HTC10 is most likely already running 7.0: http://www.gsmarena.com/htc_10-7884.php That's covered by the compatibility spec, so it should be fine.
  3. cybik

    Other Supported Android Devices

    Bro, the HTC10 is literally the latest from HTC.
  4. cybik

    Other Supported Android Devices

    Since there is no way to control the fighters with a hardware gamepad (you may not have implemented that input code yet), ya MIGHT want to remove support for the SHIELD AndroidTV on the Google Play Console.
  5. cybik

    How do I equip more specials and blockbusters?

    Damn, level cap on a gold already, that is dedication.
  6. cybik

    I may or may not be the Linux build guy for Skullgirls.

    I may or may not be the Linux build guy for Skullgirls.
  7. cybik

    Official Forum Issues Thread

    When I try to link up my Twitter account or log into the site with Twitter, it just throws this error:
  8. cybik

    Official Forum Issues Thread

    The "associate with Twitter" feature is broken. Also I'd very much like the Google+ version of that button as well.
  9. cybik

    The Obligatory Hello! Thread

    Hello everyone! cybik, gigantic nerd, and you can find me on skullheart as well. I won't state what I do for obvious reasons :p Apparently I'm also a mod?