• [2018/06/22]
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    RIFT is a joke to new level 70's and why is there no Diamond 5 rank?

    There's more of a gap in collection strength between Legend and Gold 2 than there is between a new lvl 70 and a new lvl 1, and that's always going to be the case regardless of how Rift's mechanics are tweaked. But still, I can't help but wonder if the reward structure itself is outdated. Like...
  2. Lililira

    Resolved accolade question, resolved

    I think the accolade is for 10 different 'Characters', meaning named characters, and you've got two Fukuas here: Dream Demon and Splitting Image.
  3. Lililira

    Relic Odds & Currency Efficiency

    Will do! I must've missed it before, my bad. Adding it in changes the shiny gold numbers to 9 in 557, with the odds being 1.62%.
  4. Lililira

    Relic Odds & Currency Efficiency

    Hello everyone, I'm back from my hiatus! I came back a few weeks ago just a few days before 4.10 was released, and have been trying to get back into the swing of things since then. I bought the discounted Hyper pack and tracked all my numbers from that (and a few extra 10+1 Robo relics too), as...
  5. Lililira

    Fights 4.7 Update holodeck thoughts and wishes

    Tbh, I would love to be able to trade down EXP boosters, even at a loss. For example, trading a single 4hr boost for 3 separate 1hr boosts. I feel like I can only keep focused on playing for around 2-2.5hrs anyways, so multiple smaller boosts would be more useful for me, since every time I use...
  6. Lililira

    So, that Miitopia demo...

    Made a wigless version too! I think this version will work better for NPCs and characters that can't wear wigs. Looks a little jank due to the hair shading from some angles, but other than that I think I prefer the look of this one. EDIT: Made a few tweaks to the bangs, so I updated the...
  7. Lililira

    Ayy, the character reveal just dropped! Looks like it's one of the Big 3 this time, so now I'm...

    Ayy, the character reveal just dropped! Looks like it's one of the Big 3 this time, so now I'm wondering who will be filling out the last two slots in the first DLC pass.
  8. Lililira

    So, that Miitopia demo...

    As it turns out, they really beefed up the character creation tools for the Miitopia port, so I made an Annie mii! My Access Key is WXY0D0 in case anyone wants her in their game.
  9. Lililira

    4.7 Update Notes (Now Available!)

    Huh, so there's a precedent! And now that you mention Elemental Exclusives, it looks like the three silhouettes shown are all from fighters that have one: Parasoul, Big Band, and Valentine. I wonder if that's coincidence or if all the fighters with EE variants are getting their 5th Golds all at...
  10. Lililira

    Skeleton dance when benched?

    Yeah, I saw it happen too. Her Unflinching from the Light PF modifier expired right while she was tagging in for the first time and it revived both her teammates.
  11. Lililira

    4.7 Update Notes (Now Available!)

    Neat! Glad to see HH return, and I'm curious about those new fighters and why they're being added in this update if they're not in this batch of Holiday Relics. Maybe it's future-proofing so the devs don't have to rush the next update out before the holiday PF after this one and they can take...
  12. Lililira

    I'm excited! Hoping they update Peacock and Painwheel too, so their special move is on a button...

    I'm excited! Hoping they update Peacock and Painwheel too, so their special move is on a button so it's faster and more reliable.
  13. Lililira

    Other Holodeck change moderately nerfs EXP usage on it

    I hear ya about the Booster thing, but I think I'll prefer the once a day style. I'd rather have it be a guaranteed thing every day that I can work into my daily routine rather than have it *maybe* show up randomly on any given weekend. I feel like I'll be way less likely to miss any refreshes...
  14. Lililira

    Relic Odds & Currency Efficiency

    Thank you very much for contributing, and congrats on your shinies! With these numbers added, here's the chart: Total Shinies Calculated Odds Bronze 973 4 0.41% Silver 420 6 1.43% Gold 309 3 0.97% Diamond 48 0 0.00% Total 1347 10 So, with this addition, Gold's % is now pretty...
  15. Lililira


    The near-ish future huh? Like, possibly the end of the Live Event today? 👀 (If not today then maybe later in the championship, like after the finals. If I remember correctly Annie was announced after the end of a tournament as well.) Other than that, looking forward to the QoL changes and new...