• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Loki_Priest

    What will make you quit?

    I will quit if I have no BioExorcist by the end of the year (60 relics were already opened)
  2. Loki_Priest

    Bug - Normal Parasite Weave SA completely borked

    Now she's more useless than Bad Hair.
  3. Loki_Priest

    is this bug? or intended?

    My Drag'n'Bite combo counter comes red with a 20% probability.
  4. Loki_Priest

    Bug - Normal Enemy attacks going through block

    I confirm this. Initially, I thought that the proplem was in the touchscreen, my reaction or something like that, but when the enemy broke my carry's face (with stun) in two fights in a row, I realized that something is wrong. (That was Parasoul against my Wulfsbane) (There weren't any...
  5. Loki_Priest

    Inb4 golden squigly

    I opened 14 boxes today. Still no BIO. In total: 17 Scared Stiff 20 Stage Fright 3 Deat Heat 4 Nearly Departed (44 relics. Kill me pls)
  6. Loki_Priest

    OFFICIAL: 2.4 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    What about (gold) shards from relics for old players (who completed the story mode, for example)? // (I mean the obtaining silver fighters, ofk.) Some of them, especially unlucky ones, also want guaranteed gold.
  7. Loki_Priest

    Post your Squigly relic pulls!

    Me too Т_Т
  8. Loki_Priest

    "PEA SHOOTER" - Strategy and Discussion

    Just compared in the training room: below - the damage from GDO: Peas___George__GeorgeCrit 0______5600_____8000 1______7600_____10800____0+35% 2______9600_____13600____0+70%
  9. Loki_Priest

    Bug - Normal Where is Saturday's Daily?

    I've got the same problem. It's not good since I need moves for my Main and Teonite from daily
  10. Loki_Priest

    Post your collection

    This gaem kinda haets me. (At least I have every silver except Oh Mai, Ms Frosty, Robocopy and Resonant. In total 2g and 48s)