• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Mirak

    "Moonstruck" - Strategy & Discussion

    I already invested in mine, and she has saved me few times when her teammates died, I think she's straight forward, but needs some getting used to. I tend to forget that she revives and then got surprised when she did actually revive. I was wondering about the HP regained by the revived...
  2. Mirak

    "Moonstruck" - Strategy & Discussion

    Regarding her SA2, does anyone know if the Health regained by her teammates is based on % or amount of HP moonstruck has?
  3. Mirak

    OFFICIAL: Annie Release Details & Relic Availability

    How much will this pack cost after the update? (the one that's currently 10k theo)
  4. Mirak

    How useful is it to have multiple Doubliciouses?

    Yeah, this makes sense, I just didn't want to waste my silver keys on her - too lazy to grind for them. I guess I will invest in her.
  5. Mirak

    How useful is it to have multiple Doubliciouses?

    So I already have a dia doublicious, then I just got a shiny one, was thinking should I feed her into my dia, or is it useful to have both for rifts? My dia is level 34 if that's relevant.
  6. Mirak

    Best MA for Eliza?

    Thank you all for the replies, you make good arguments for both MAs. Regaining health seems more valuable to me - especially when I screw up. For defense though, I might have to wait and see where I want to put them in rifts and choose the MA accordingly.
  7. Mirak

    Best MA for Eliza?

    I have both Diva intervention and Bloodbath, both maxed out, only need to unlock their MAs. Which one do you have for your Eliza and why? What's confusing me is that both Elizas have a way of regaining health, BB through regen and DI through Sekhmet. I use both for rifts, and planning to use...
  8. Mirak

    Does each stack count as a buff?

    Does the same happen with Primed? Do her enrage stacks multiply her damage or do they function as a single enrage at a time? Like if Primed has 5 stacks of enrage, does her damage increase 100% or is it 20% at a time but stays for longer - as long as the stacks survive?
  9. Mirak

    [Guide] Show Me ya Moves: Move Stats and Which To Invest In

    Thank you for the post, it is really useful! Few questions though... For offense, why is block proficiency worse than HP and Def? I always thought it can be very useful for some characters, especially when intercepting dashes is not always an option - and I am not very good at it For example...