• [2018/06/22]
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    4.8 Update Notes (Live now!)

    Sounds great at first, but it is not without, potentially serious, problems. Let's start with the main attraction - diamond pf and difficulty thingy. It's a cool idea, but : 1) Were the milestone rewards re-balanced so that the player gets the same amount of rewards as if they cleared bronze...
  2. RancorSnp

    Other Suggestions for 2E, Season 1 Pass, since I do not know of any better place to post it.

    Well, the thread is there for them to read. Unless something has changed since I was last around here the moderators do read these, I've got messaged by Cell to try to cut down on the amount of text in the past (Do not think I got much better at that ^^') Thanks for the support though...
  3. RancorSnp

    Other Suggestions for 2E, Season 1 Pass, since I do not know of any better place to post it.

    So as said in the title I doubt SGM forums is the right place to post this, but I could not find anything better. Now, very quickly I want to say that Season 1 Pass is amazing, I love Annie, Eliza and Robo changes all that good stuff. BUT I do believe I can offer a point of view that may not...
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    Who are the strongest characters in the lore?

    Vice Versa "neutralizes" weight, of carried objects. There is a physical limit to how much it can take and it has to recharge when it runs out of steam, but the point is it defies laws of physics and Cerebella is not affected by the weight of the elephants. As for Marie being the strongest...
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    Who are the strongest characters in the lore?

    True true. She is very hard to place anywhere on the list though, as she only exists in a single timeline. And as a self proclaimed lore master that's not enough of evidence to place her anywhere. But to be fair to you, I'll say that while I can not possibly say how strong she is without the...
  6. RancorSnp

    Who are the strongest characters in the lore?

    Eliza is without any doubt the strongest of the playable characters, guess that's hardly surprising when you make what was meant to be the boss of a game a playable character ^^' There is very little competition for her as her blood powers are just hacks. As long as there is enough blood, she...
  7. RancorSnp

    Annie animation errors

    Couldn't think of a better place to put this one in. I've noticed three animation errors in Annie's frames shown in the trailer. 1) When casting the spinning blade thingy that keeps the enemy in the air, Annie lacks a star at the bottom of her shoe. 2) During the startup of her Autograph /...
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    While we of course do not know, the way original DLC charaters were handled was they were free to grab for 3 months from release, and then became paid dlc. But then you got (the really) second encore which included all of the DLC characters. Honestly, not that big of a fan of the three months...
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    "FRAYED ENDS" - Strategy and Discussion

    Nobody ever used this thread before eh? Well let me add some more details to it while joining the conversation.I'll be honest, I like FE a lot. While her base stats are low, very low even, she does often make up for all of these. Much like Bad Hair Day having a MA is absolutely necessary for FE...
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    Robo MA discussion

    I honestly can't say I care about power surge much, you know that defense robos will have this and you'll just work around it, or power through regardless of being inflicted stacks. Enrage on every single variant though, now that is a really powerful MA to have
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    Other "New" Gamemode idea

    In order to keep this one shorter than usual I'll try to stick to just one idea and maybe some minor ones. So this "new" game mode I am speaking off would be accessed either in the Story menu, to give it some purpose, or the rift menu as all it is really is a glorified single player rifts...
  12. RancorSnp

    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    Screen taken around 7:20 pm CET
  13. RancorSnp

    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    I may be wrong about this one, but it does seem suspicious, I do not believe it is actually possible to clear a rift map in 15 minutes, and my opponent does not seem to have the fighters to pull it off in such an amazing time : Screens taken around 6:10 pm CET
  14. RancorSnp

    Fights Disabling the White Flash

    Yeah, not being able to disable all of this flashing is probably my biggest personal issue with the game, my eyes do not enjoy being attacked with brightness ^^'
  15. RancorSnp

    Other Thoughts and ideas about the Rift, Rewards, Guilds, In game purchases and some minor things.

    You raise a valid concern that forcing the player to participate in too many different kinds of events may feel overwhelming, I honestly did not consider it as I tend to think of new features more as alternatives to the PF. I do not think we are at the point where adding guilds could be too...