• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Saint2th

    Fights Improvements: General

    I've noticed a couple things in this game that I believe can be improved; primarily things that have been noted by other players, but things that I have also noticed myself. So here's my suggestions on what can make fighting better, by only modifying mechanics – not adding any. TL;DR: 1. MGR...
  2. Saint2th

    Other Panda's rants, bugs, and other annoyances - deux

    Regarding getting punished by dashing easily, I'm uploading a tech you can do to easily avoid getting punished for doing so. I believe it'll be used a lot when PvP comes out. You can join the Skullgirls Discord and @ me in the mobile channel (my tag is Saint2th) if you'd like to learn more about it
  3. Saint2th

    Official Skullgirls Discord Chat

    EDIT: I created a new starting post on this thread so it's easier to add info and edit links without constantly editing, Saint2h's post. -Cellsai There was a thread on this but instead of bumping it with "that link's dead", I decided to make a permanent link to the Skullgirls Discord mobile...
  4. Saint2th

    Which Three Characters is your Main Team right now?

    Huh. I can swear there have been at least 3 people in the discord who have said otherwise. If you're right though then I'd actually be able to hit around 30k without crit with my untouchable each time!
  5. Saint2th

    Which Three Characters is your Main Team right now?

    Peashooter abilities don't stack, peashooter does more damage than untouchable.
  6. Saint2th

    Fights Allowing multiples of the same special was a mistake

    If there were nerfs to the three specials, then having multiple of the same special will be balanced. MGR: Invincible, unblockable (which is fine since command grab), unflinching, very high damage as GDO, combos into itself after a jab, can be used to restand opponents even after OTG, generally...
  7. Saint2th

    OP moves?

    Big Band nerfs are already in the works according to some devs who have spoke about it in the discord channel. We don't need to add 'counters' we just need to overall balance the game. There are many moves that are just too busted ATM.
  8. Saint2th

    To evolve, do you have to sacrifice 3 all at once?

    Rusty's considered an alright bronze. Would be good as silver!
  9. Saint2th

    OP moves?

    GDO, MGR, and Cymbal Clash are currently the best specials in terms of overall damage and utility. They're definitely overpowered: GDO has an infinite, MGR can restand / unblockable / can be used after a blocked jab combo / invincible, Big Band's cymbal clash does a ton of damage AND has a 87.5%...
  10. Saint2th

    MGR, GDO, and Cymbal Clash needs heavy buffs tbh...

    MGR, GDO, and Cymbal Clash needs heavy buffs tbh...
  11. Saint2th


    It's a visual effect, but it might slow performance. It generally just makes fighting in-game look better with better lighting surrounding the fighters. Older devices may need to disable lighting to increase performance.
  12. Saint2th

    Special Costumes

    Untouchable is balanced though
  13. Saint2th

    To evolve, do you have to sacrifice 3 all at once?

    There are some silvers that do very well, even against the top tier golds: Big Top, Blood Drive, Resonant Evil, Peashooter, No Egrets. There's some more but those are the best ones atm.
  14. Saint2th

    The Best Characters in the Game: by Tier, Character

    You're right, I actually meant to put beatbox instead of bassline!