• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Xandoss

    OFFICIAL: Brand New Skullgirls Mobile Character FAQ

    “The Essential Three for canon story mode are Umbrella, Black Dahlia and Marie.” Can we please get Black Dahlia before Umbrella or Marie?.. ..but seriously, it’ll be great whoever makes it in when and if they do. I’m sure the devs can do all sorts of crazy things with Umbrella and Hungern...
  2. Xandoss

    Risky Ginger Parasoul

    Yeah, SA2 just requires 3 Enrage - that can be from any of the types of Enrages, (timed, timeless, permanent) as I understand it... She’s interesting with Inner Pieces; I had 2x Timeless Enrage from Risky when I tagged in IP.. IP tagged in with the 2x Timeless Enrages cause of her SA, then...
  3. Xandoss

    OFFICIAL: Rift Battle Rework Details

    Just a concern with how I’m understanding this: how do you opt in or out of matchmaking to preserve your rating? And how do we “defend” without the player skill or scores being relevant? The nice thing about a rating/ranking system is being able to get to a threshold and stop so you get the...
  4. Xandoss

    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    Gold Squigly PF, Thursday Dec. 2nd - 7:58am PST
  5. Xandoss

    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    Not sure if this is mathematically possible.. on costume party, just looks like not fair play..
  6. Xandoss

    Bug - Normal Inverse Polarity making sufferers immune to damage while suffering a Regen

    @Liam thats exactly what the bug is. While an opponent has Inverse Polarity debuff and is suffering from Regen they become immune to damage from Terror Byte outside of a couple abilities like Magnet, etc. Using an 8k Terror Byte with maxed SAs against 9k ICU Last Hope and firing a BB3 she was...
  7. Xandoss

    Catalyst Discussion

    You make it sound like I’m lucky to not have one. Still think she’s broken and needs a fix. Sorry Tony, thx for the reply. I’m just salty AF, if you couldn’t tell..
  8. Xandoss

    Bug - Normal Inverse Polarity making sufferers immune to damage while suffering a Regen

    Inverse Polarity seems to be bugged, in that while suffering Regen and Inverse Polarity opponent becomes immune to damage caused by your character who placed Inverse Polarity. Bug is non-device specific and reported by multiple users / reproducible. Brought to my attention when I posted pic of...
  9. Xandoss

    Catalyst Discussion

    On the topic of DOOM, is there any issue for the devs in the fairness of having a character like Xenomorph? Particularly in Rifts, she makes or breaks so many nodes in being doable or not. “Xeno cheese” is a relied upon strategy for every level of Rifting. So, because there’s no way to guarantee...
  10. Xandoss

    OFFICIAL: Skullgirls Spring Rift Battles Update

    I’m feeling the pain of Rifts on my opponent’s end. First match after making D1 I get a G1 player at high 1800s. Lots of Diamonds in base (I think 18?) but missing a ton of catalyst and moves probably weren’t super high. So, idk if matchmaking takes those two variables into account atm but it’s...
  11. Xandoss

    OFFICIAL: 3.2.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    BTW @Liam are we getting notified of Rifts coming down a few hours before launch of update 3.2, so people can que freely until then? And it won’t be like 3.1 with the two week Rift season will it? (Sorry if you’ve answered these questions elsewhere: b e e p)
  12. Xandoss

    OFFICIAL: 3.2.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    I agree with this apprehension towards this change. About the only way I see of addressing this is to mail us a few Catalyst Relics to get us started on our bases or have a special pf that rewards them at milestones, etc. I’m pretty sure Easter is already done but something to get players ready...
  13. Xandoss

    Suggest: “Idol Threat” Strategy or discussion

    I got lucky with a Water relic. I went ahead and choose to evolve her to diamond. On the advice of HeGunz, I went with Leech and am trying to build her tanky. She’s only about 12k fighter right now at like lvl 30-something but her regen is great. I hope she provides some decent defense when she...
  14. Xandoss

    Rift battle general discussion

    I feel the pain here in this thread. Genuinely wish there was more good Rift experiences or at least the bad ones weren’t so devastating. Unfortunately, the issues mentioned are hard to address. Especially concerning is the issue of less gains being made by those losing, or rich getting...