• [2018/06/22]
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  1. You cant beat D

    Fights 4.7 Update holodeck thoughts and wishes

    Upon first hearing the holodeck changes I was shocked, there was a period of pre-emptive disappointment, but overtime, I put myself into an open mindset, and had agreed to hold my critics until a week or so after the update. All this time later and what do I have to say as an experienced player...
  2. You cant beat D

    4.7 Update Notes (Now Available!)

    the new store looks really nice, shame holodeck is only once a day though xp boosters are about to really be valuable.
  3. You cant beat D

    4.6 Update Notes (NOW LIVE!)

    Never mind, I actually see the timer in the actual image for the event. ^.^
  4. You cant beat D

    4.6 Update Notes (NOW LIVE!)

    Oooooo this update looks like an AMAZING Step in the right direction, question though, after clearing the holodeck, before the map refreshes, can you still refight the nodes for fun and normal amounts of xp? or can you actually not fight any node it in again until it refreshes? Also, does it...
  5. You cant beat D

    Collection Shiny / rift reward system can use an improvement

    I'm going to be honest, i don't agree with the shiny thing, shinies are meant to be a rare luck based thing, and currently, i think they're fine the way they are. (except for us not knowing the odds) as for rift rewards in their current state, i can't really vouch for that either, 3 years...
  6. You cant beat D

    OFFICIAL FAQ: Annie 2nd Encore (+ New Character?!)

    We've all said it, but let's say it again The launch party, NEVER ENDS!
  7. You cant beat D

    Characters A Purposed "Adjustment" to Fukua Vaporwave Vixen's signature ability.

    This is a short (Ended up longer then I expected) point but I feel it should be known. Fukua: vaporwave vixen's signature ability is unlike any other in the game, but it's wording beholds a small problem. Signature ability 1 states: "After IDLING or WALKING for x second(s) without suffering a...
  8. You cant beat D

    Forums Going Down for Maintenance

    yay, back to making wall of texts in suggestions
  9. You cant beat D

    Other 2021 Roadmap Player Opinions

    That would be my primary concern as well, a big system wide change as such would inevitably launch with team compositions that could make both offense or defense, brain dead, this the type of change that would need to go through a bunch of internal testing over time, possibly even a private beta...
  10. You cant beat D

    Other 2021 Roadmap Player Opinions

    ah certainly, almost every (and i do mean, every) gacha game with team building mechanics has a sort of team boosts mechanic, the concept is pretty simple, characters are categorized, and certain categories give that entire team a passive benefit, i think such a system would fit very well in...
  11. You cant beat D

    Other 2021 Roadmap Player Opinions

    SGM start date: Pre-1.3.0 Player account level:70 Catalog count:145 Highest rift 2.0 rank: Diamond one as much as i love this game, it's hard to reccomend and sometimes, even a chore to play, because of some basic quality of life functions that you'd find standard in similar mobile games...
  12. You cant beat D

    Fights Stamina consumption Reward boosts

    There's a mechanic which i think could possibly work nicely in this game, being one where you can use extra stamina for greater rewards. the primary inspiration here is from two other mobile games, Being Dragon Ball Z - Dokkan battle and Bang Dream - Girls band party in both games, there's a...
  13. You cant beat D

    OFFICIAL: Fukua Release Details & Relic Availability

    will fukua moves be available in move relics this update? or will that be in 4.3 as well?
  14. You cant beat D

    OFFICIAL: Brand New Skullgirls Mobile Character FAQ

    it's safe to bet the new character's moves and animations will flow better for mobile since they're being made for it? i know some fighters like filia and big band have had some arials used for the ground combo, and some normals in 2E Turned into specials here, and i wanted to know if this new...
  15. You cant beat D

    Fights PvP Ideas

    I'm sure at this point that The groundwork for the basic pvp system is already there, and it's only a matter of The devs doing the finer Coding and debugging (Changing one thing can cause a multitude of issues) But i still wanted to throw out my ideas for the pvp system, to see what others...