• [2018/06/22]
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  1. A

    Other Progress Saving and Loading Issue

    Please help, my account was linked to my gmail and by using the same gmail, my progress should be saved but no, I'm back at level 2 again when I'm supposed to be in so far already! What's going on, I am using a new phone and I can't access my old phone anymore if that's part of the solution...
  2. CyberLynx

    Bug - Crash Account login problem!

    Hello, I have a problem logging into my account. How can I fix this?
  3. hypergalaxyman

    Other I have a doubt about pink gifts and gold gifts. And the use of 2 different accounts.

    I know you can have a maximum of 50 friends to send gifts and you can only get 1 gift for a day until the next day. My doubt is this, I know you usually can´t have 2 accounts in 1 smartphone, but if you have 2 two different accounts in 2 different smartphones is correct to send you gifts to your...
  4. D

    Is the Skullgirls Helpdesk still operating?

    Yeah that's basically my question is. If you didnt know, Skullgirls have a helpdesk website hvs(dot)freshdesk(dot)com I made a ticket but there's no response. Has anyone made a ticket and got responded recently? Or is it already not operating?
  5. TooniX

    Other Easier Account Switching.

    Are the devs ever gonna work on an easier way of switching accounts? I have to uninstall then install for 3+ Hours just to log in to my correct account, i suffer from a mild memory loss so that i often mess up on logging in to accounts, i hope this gets noticed.