• [2018/06/22]
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  1. CyberLynx

    Bug - Crash Account login problem!

    Hello, I have a problem logging into my account. How can I fix this?
  2. hypergalaxyman

    Other I have a doubt about pink gifts and gold gifts. And the use of 2 different accounts.

    I know you can have a maximum of 50 friends to send gifts and you can only get 1 gift for a day until the next day. My doubt is this, I know you usually can´t have 2 accounts in 1 smartphone, but if you have 2 two different accounts in 2 different smartphones is correct to send you gifts to your...
  3. D

    Is the Skullgirls Helpdesk still operating?

    Yeah that's basically my question is. If you didnt know, Skullgirls have a helpdesk website hvs(dot)freshdesk(dot)com I made a ticket but there's no response. Has anyone made a ticket and got responded recently? Or is it already not operating?
  4. TooniX

    Other Easier Account Switching.

    Are the devs ever gonna work on an easier way of switching accounts? I have to uninstall then install for 3+ Hours just to log in to my correct account, i suffer from a mild memory loss so that i often mess up on logging in to accounts, i hope this gets noticed.