• [2018/06/22]
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  1. D

    Bug - Normal Evolve Animations Not Appearing

    I evolved a few bronze fighters and got this issue for all of them. Tried it with Painwheel, Parasoul, Peacock, Filia, and Double. I was stuck on the evolve selection screen instead of going into the blank screen once I had finished selecting fighters and choose to evolve. However the...
  2. S

    Other The ability to record internal game audio for Android 10 Users

    Just a brief recommendation, and if you guys like I wouldn't mind testing it for you. Android 10 just released for pixel phones and will be releasing for other big name phones in the near future. With that being said, google has implemented a new API in Android 10 called AudioPlaybackCapture...
  3. J

    Bug - Normal Cards crashing (previous a fight)

    Well, i accidentally discovered this, the bug occurred when you select more than one card previous a fight, in this case, the fight was of 3 vs 3, but i choose 3 cards at the same time and put it in one slot, then this happened. After that happens, it almost imposible to continue or start the...
  4. P

    Other Slight performance issues

    I'm currently using the Zenfone 4 Max Pro with 3 gigs of RAM and Android 7 :) (which I suppose is more than enough for most games on the market at the moment?) The game often gets slowed down when I fight in certain areas although in the main menu, it runs quite smoothly. The framerate also...
  5. KillInvestor

    When add a Double?

    In a computer game, Double, my favorite character. Please tell me how soon will add the mobile version of this hero?
  6. MightyZug

    OFFICIAL: Hard Launch Update Notes

    Hey everyone! A sneak peek below of a mail message that Soft Launch players will be receiving in-game later this evening: NEW INTEL: FULL RELEASE UPDATE Molly here with some intel on what to expect in the next few weeks! As you know, we’ve been in a limited release up until now, gathering...