• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Qrron

    Other Buff and Debuff ideas

    (Buff)(Blue) BLOCK ENCHANCE- Damage is further reduced by 50% when blocking. (Buff)(Green) DAMAGE DELAY- Prevents you from taking damage from all sources immediately, and inflicts the damage once effect ends. 50% of delayed damage is cancelled upon tagging out. (Buff)(Green) HEAL LINK- Share...
  2. U

    Bug - Normal Stand Out Eliza not able to prevent some buffs.

    The following is footage of a bug a few other players in the Skullgirls Mobile Discord found. Players reported that Eliza's diamond Stand Out variant was not able to prevent Squiggly's Dead Alive Marquee Ability final stand buff nor Surgeon General's Immunity and Heavy Regen every 30 seconds. My...
  3. U

    Characters Eliza's Current Variants

    Hello everyone. This is Undeadbunny, an experienced Eliza player, and I was just wanting to talk about some of Eliza's variants. This is my first post, so bare with me. Anyways, I feel like a lot of Eliza variants are pretty bad considering signature abilities/stats, and I was wanting to take a...
  4. Nishcheta

    Characters Painwheel Flight Risk Suggestions

    Alright so, I hope I speak for the majority of us painwheel fans when I say that her flight risk, as it has been implemented in skullgirls mobile, is simply not up to par. Its double upward swipe activation is janky, and makes it impossible to flight risk when the enemy is close enough to you to...
  5. MugPug

    A change to buffs and debuffs!

    Hello I’m MugPug I look at this site a lot and have a lot to say so let’s gets started. Precision (thanks auto correct): Is to me very underwhelming, I think for the very little burst of critical hits it should have more value so I thought of a little change. Change 1: Precision should just...