• [2018/06/22]
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A change to buffs and debuffs!

Do you think any buff or debuff needs to be changed?

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Sep 26, 2018
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Hello I’m MugPug I look at this site a lot and have a lot to say so let’s gets started.

Precision (thanks auto correct): Is to me very underwhelming, I think for the very little burst of critical hits it should have more value so I thought of a little change.

Change 1: Precision should just last like other buffs on a timer. I see this a lot and think I can be useful but would be problematic in situations of a grudge painwheel or a Dread Locks. If this is the change I assume that the precision would last for like at most 5 sec.

Change 2: Hitting enemies with precision prevents them from getting buffs ex: Fortune hits Grudge Painwheel with precision but Painwheel doesn’t get any buffs. This stops any shenanigans with armor and is a subtle and good buff.

Change 3: I always thought that this would go with change 2 but make it so that precision ignores enemy armor and defense. I know that this is basically Ms.Trials 2nd SA but I’m lazy. This would really help dealing with the rampant use of armor and I just thought could buff some potential defenders like Nearly Departed invincibility still immune to this change.

I thought of these changes keeping in mind balance (to be honest changes 2 & 3 are most likely to be implemented) and also because I’m biased and I want my variants to be better. This change easily buffs variants like Overclocked, That’s all Folks!, and Head Hunter and kicking them up in usage while also keeping players in mind that no you can’t just use Resonant with and Heavy Metal aka limiting the almighty armor gods that plague most of the defenders. Not pointing any fingers but Resonant and Heavy Metal are over there okay okay Moving on.

Cripple: The one that Wulfsbane has. Cripple got it real bad not only is it very hard to find but also Gets remove if enrage is applied after and to top it off Cannot be stacked if my capitalization isn’t enough to convince you this debuff is bad then nothing is. But aside all the jokes I don’t know anyone who actually like this buff so I’m change’n that starting now.

Change 1: Allow it to stack please allow it to stack. Armor break (yes I haven’t forgot about you. You can’t escape me) and cripple are some of the buffs that could really benefit from stacking cripple by more. Stacking cripple would allow it to be used as a defense mechanism like if That’s all Folks! used it instead of armor break it could slowly render the attacker useless for a while until they stop slapping her in the face. If you can’t tell I have a That’s all Folks! and I’m not happy. But beside that this enhances the use of SAs like Hack and Splash with it’s notoriously terrible SA and that means you might consider using a taunt to gain enrage so that your hits can feel more than the equivalent of a foam sword.

Change 2: Make it so that it negates any enrage besides permanent ones. I made this change because a situation where you get the cripple and then the Rainbow Blight just happens to get her fire element and comes back with 2 enraged and a taste for vengeance no I’m not salty but this is a change that could stop that from happening so I don’t lose my 30+ streak thanks.

Change 3: This is the a really interesting change in my opinion, Cripple also reduces crit rate. So this could make cripple fair well against variants like Claw & Order, Sheltered, Claw & Order, Hack n Splash, Claw & Order, Parasite Weave, and Claw & Order. I think a reduction of 20-33% would be useful in taking Claw & Or- I mean some tough variants down.

These changes help variants like Hack and Splash get a little more usage and also can make the catalyst Crippler Crossface you know used.

Heal Block: The one that Wulfsbane has. In all honesty while making the last paragraph I just remembered this because it’s so useless compared to bleed or it’s twin that everyone likes better inverse polarity. Now while heal block has its shining moment and good matchups against ICU valentines and bloodbaths I never really thought of using it otherwise so I’m going to just throw this idea on the table.

Change 1: Transfer all healing to the one opponent ex: Graveyard Shift inflicts Curse and Heal Block on a Wrestler X with 3 regens the Graveyard Shift gets healed instead. This change easily increases the use of previously mentioned Graveyard Shift and also Gloom and Doom which both really in my opinion need buffs emphasis on Graveyard Shift.

Change 2: Honestly I got nothing heal block is so uncommon idk JK while typing the last statement on the reflection I realized that if heal block could stop resurrections that would be cool ex: Wulfsbane is wiping the floor with Bio Exorcist and after Airwulf hits and gets the Heal Block and Cripple, he hits her shield and she dies without resurrecting. Or any Valentine Can’t resurrect fallen teammates if they had heal block when the where defeated. I'm really interested in this because it could give another way to stop time outs

The reflection here is buff Graveyard Shift, good night. (PS I just realized this would also help the use of the No High Heals catalyst in Rift)

Armor Break: The one the only the bane of my existence. Armor break is basically known as the worst debuff in the game that’s a real title. It not only has all the problems of cripple that it doesn’t stack and doesn’t override armor but also just isn’t very good. If you think that rock you live under is cozy and don’t know what armor break is lemme tell you, it destroys armor allowing a 20% damage increase to those inflicted with the status until in less than 5 seconds they either get another 3 armor or it wears off or they just hit you with a combo. So let’s change that.

Change 1: Allow armor break to override any attempts to get armor. In general armor break is bad because the only ones who can use it effectively are Harelquin with 3 battle butts and that’s it, because it just gets removed by armor in the next 3 hits. This change would be effective because it would keep the enemy from just getting back where they where allowing the player to hit them. Armor break doesn’t last for a long period and this would keep it being value (also just sayin it would buff the catalyst record breaker)

Change 2: Just do change 1. Honestly I really don’t wanna give all the reasons why change 1 is just perfect and why allowing armor break to stack would cause Peashooter & Ultraviolet with any thing else like Sketchy in Rift with Hollow Points catalyst causing problems is a bad idea so don’t, that is why you should just implement change 1.

There’s not really a good recap Resonant needs to be stopped buff literally anything else. Because Futile Resistance is such a FUN catalyst.

Honorable Mentions

Death Mark: Just sayin Death Mark is too cool of a name for this but I digress. Death Mark is here on honorable mentions because it really isn’t used I have yet to see an really big complaint and all it does is just help keep pressure which is always helpful.

Hex: Some of you may be thinking why on earth would I put this here and here’s why so lemme explain. Hex is the least common debuff you’ll use Ever. Only 3 count ‘em THREE with a capital very little variants can use this powerful tool and for an arguable good reason and those variants are Red Velvet, Rainbow Blight, and Doom and Gloom that’s it so if you wanna use the most powerful debuff in the game besides Doom and bleed get good at Eliza or Double.

Doom: Same reason as hex execpt it isn’t arguable of why something that can just off a character isn’t on 5+ characters

That’s it I try to keep in mind balance and which variants could benefit more from the buffs and why Resonant should be struck down. But please tell me what you think because. I see this topic a lot and wanted to express my opinion. Have a good day and remember Stay safe Eat cake.
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