• [2018/06/22]
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character variants

  1. Cellsai

    SG Custom Fighters

    2019 Edit: A lot of the initial post in this thread is wildly out of date, and there's newer better tools for making custom cards. I've moved most of the the original post into Spoilers. Here's where you can make custom palettes for any of the cast: https://sgmpalette.netlify.com/ Here's...
  2. E

    Characters [Suggestion] Skins in Competitive Versus.

    I speak for many to say that we would love a feature where we can customize our appearance in competitive Versus mode. In the versus competitive mode it is normal that it is the mode with the most traffic of people, because in the free for all mode it is inaccurate to know if you can find...
  3. Jocemigue

    Collection Double tap for open the character

    It's something that could make it much more comfortable to choose characters for fights, sometimes when you drag a character to the fight selection you accidentally touch it, I think they should make to see the character's stats be with two touches on it, and not just one as you avoid opening...
  4. SoakingSamuel

    Which character has the best ability?

    I'm using Scrubs Valentine and PeaShooter Peacock, but they're both wind. Who should I replace them with?
  5. Shawesome

    Characters Character Variant Ideas

    I was thinking about something I read where other palettes might be made into variants, and I had a few ideas for some! Only a couple were thought out really well, and some characters were really hard for me to think of (Painwheel only has one and Valentine has none). ?s are things I couldn't...