• [2018/06/22]
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combat effect

  1. T

    Online Introducing Odd Effects

    I was fighting a guy, and using squigly mostly, doing normal combos that I've used basically since she came out. I tried to punish their blocking by using Daisy Pusher, but a text box flashed that said "TOO SLOW" and he just straight up ignored the BB and proceeded to murder me because the game...
  2. Dennis Aguilar

    Fights Please, return Prizefights with equal matches.

    I only ask to fight again with fighters with FS equal or similar to those of my fighters without having to climb those tedious steps of low FS. Why did you decide to change this combat mode when it was perfect? My strong fighters waste their energy in these types of staggered combats, starting...
  3. Jimbob

    Okay what. BB3 broken by enemy Burst

    Can someone explain this to me? Okay so imagine this *Distant harp strumming* Bronze PF. On my last fighter (Valentine - Scrub) knocked out first fighter, and their second and third has low health. I finish off the second fighter and wait for the last one with an EKG Flatliner and his Beowulf...
  4. Black Egret#13

    Tuba Tuba stun too short

    Not really a bug, but definetly an issue. When using Big Band's Tuba Tuba, the stun is too short and ends right after the wall bounce. Maybe make the stun longer, or on the last hit instead?