• [2018/06/22]
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Jul 7, 2017
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Not really a bug, but definetly an issue. When using Big Band's Tuba Tuba, the stun is too short and ends right after the wall bounce. Maybe make the stun longer, or on the last hit instead?
I don't think having a stun on a BB3 is a good idea anyway.

In an ideal scenario with Big Band you can stun an enemy using Cymbal Clash or Noise cancel, which gives you enough time for one full ground combo, after which you can do another full combo, air juggle and finisher and then (assuming you have the enemy in the far side of the arena) keep them in the air with beat extend and finish with a special and at the end of all that thow out Tuba Tuba.

All this without the enemy being able to do anything, now imagine having ANOTHER stun at the end of all that...

I'd rather they give tuba truba some other debuff, like cripple, which would benefit his tank gameplay more anyway.
Probably it gains time and percentage if you level it up further...
A maxed Tuba Tuba has a 25% chance to stun for 6 seconds.

6 seconds is as high as it gets for stun
Okay, but seems kinda dumb that other BB3 inflictions work at lvl 3 but Tuba Tuba has to be maxed to actually work properly..
I think the problem is the fact that it's a 20-hit ability, but takes too long with relatively long gaps between hits when compared to Strike Up the Band and Inferno Brigade so the stun could expire before Big Band even finishes punching depending on when the stun effect is applied. The problem isn't the same with Good Fellows because Armour Break just helps to do more damage if it gets activated at the very start of the BB. The stun doesn't need to be longer, it just needs to be applied closer towards the end of the move. Maybe this BB in particular should be able to refresh the stun duration? Then if the first hit caused the stun, it wouldn't stop the twentieth from causing its effect too. Obviously stacking would be ridiculous, and you can't allow it for anything else because then Parasite Weave would dominate fights just through extended combos. But I understand what you mean: most of the time I don't see the point of levelling up Tuba Tuba at all just because the effect hardly helps.