• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Scorialimit

    Staple moves for each fighter

    We don't have an updated move tier list, but I never liked the move tier list since it doesn't explain what the moves do and they're awkward to compare. So instead, I made a list of staple moves, or moves that you would want to have around. They're not necessarily the best moves in all cases...
  2. TonyPartridge30

    Does Photo Bop deal a finishing blow?

    I was in a VS match and the opponent had like <20% health left. I activated the BB3 and it ran it's course, but once it ended, the enemy didn't die. Instead, they just staggered; I followed up with Gravity Slingshot to finish the match. I'm wondering if Photo Bop just didn't have enough kick on...
  3. Soaked-In-Soul

    No 3rd tier Blockbusters for Valentine Master Daily Event

    I’ve noticed that I wasn’t awarded a 3rd tier unblockable blockbuster move as a reward for beating the master level difficulty of Valentine’s daily event. Also, the preview of the rewards seem to change every time you view it. Is this a bug? Or is it just a random chance to earn that and the...
  4. DefGear

    Bug - Normal Peacock's Good Fellows (lv3 BB) can fail if the opponent tags out at the same time

    This happened to me when fighting the boss node in peacock's master story mode, I used good fellows against a low health Eliza when she suddenly tagged out for Parasoul, but instead of Parasoul being affected by the attack, the animation stopped when Peacock got close to her, canceling the...
  5. LCGamer

    Bug - Normal Neuromancer is still stealing bb meter

    Hi! I'll write in portuguese, this is my first language. Nas notas da penúltima atualização (4.1) foi citado que a Neuromancer não iria mais ganhar medidor bônus para os Blockbuster, porém desde a atualização 4.1.1 ela está ganhando, e isso vem me atrapalhando muito: várias vezes perdi uma...
  6. Yomady

    Bug - Normal Rift special move counting as a Blockbuster

    I was in are usual Rift match on the middle node under a boss fight, I used Double's (Doublicious) special move 'Luger Replica' for final hit which the scores came out as titled. Mean am still happy for the extra 100 points - thinking evil forces might grab this
  7. ZeoW

    Collection Move Level-Reset Item?

    Finding a move with the right combination of stats are already difficult to begin with. Most of the cases, I use moves with two great stats and one sub-par stat, in the hopes that the sub-par stat is ignored as I upgrade it. Sometimes it works but other times it doesn't which leads to cases...
  8. M

    Other Major Issues with the Game, Imo

    Alright so, I've been meaning to write this since June 17 morning, but the forum was down. Oops. I'm speaking for myself mostly, but I'm sure lots of others will be able to relate to this. TL;DR at the bottom. This will be organized in "Major changes" and "minor changes" (or nitpicks). I'll be...
  9. E

    Bug - Normal The Robo-Fortune Assault Battery laser does not work!

    In the combo, how much only using this blockbuster, the opponent falls, and the laser does not work.
  10. P

    Collection (Minor suggestion) Difficulty equipping moves and blockbusters

    Since this new update, I found it really hard trying to select a move and equip it to my fighter, since my taps only make the character fight rather than highlight the move I was just trying to view the stats of. If you could disable the ability to control your character by interacting with the...
  11. S

    Bug - Normal Dead on Arrival Glitch

    So I was participating in the Double Prize Fight and was fighting against a Valentine with Robocopy Big Band. She hit with me a burst attack, knocking me down and "giving her permission" to use her unblock able, Dead on Arrival. Her PF score was a bit higher so I already knew I was dead. The...
  12. educavalcantee

    Question about movestats

    Recently I've got two Inferno Brigades. First has %meter gain, %atk, %def. The second has %meter gain, %hp, %crit dmg. What is best suited for my primed?
  13. Erick Draves

    Bug - Normal Parasoul BB "Silent Scope" untouchable frames?

    Is Parasoul Blockbuster "Silent Scope" Meant to have untouchable frames? Or is it posible to do a hit exchange during this blockbuster? I was doing Accursed experiments, and in the first node to the right, Double Xenomorph has hitted parasoul while she performes her BB. In other cases, I see...
  14. TonyPartridge30

    Dark Might's SA

    So the second aspect of Grave Injustice gives a chance to instantly defeat an opponent when using a lvl 3 blockbuster if Dark Might has no remaining teammates. My question on this is: does this proc based on each hit in a lvl 3 BB, or does it proc once upon activation of a lvl 3 BB? For...
  15. V

    Bug - Normal VIDEO of the BUG INCLUDED - Unblockable Blockbuster of Ms Fortune FAILS

    Hello, My phone model is huawei mate 10 pro (Android 8.0). Of course I downloaded the game from Google Play Store Right after my enemy fighter is defeated and I am on the other side of the field, I active the Unblockable Blockbuster of Ms Fortune (Claw & Order) in order to use it as fast as...
  16. V

    Bug - Normal Unblockable Blockbuster of Ms Fortune FAILS

    Hello, My phone model is huawei mate 10 pro (Android 8.0). Of course I downloaded the game from Google Play Store Right after my fighter is defeated I active the Unblockable Blockbuster of Ms Fortune (Claw & Order) in order to use it as fast as possible, but the animation of the Blockbuster...
  17. Paul Maverick

    Bug - Normal Blockbusters in the mailbox.

    Hello, my English is not very good, but I still wanted to report this bug. Claiming mailbox rewards, I've noticed that Blockbusters and special moves come out like this: https://imgur.com/gallery/CTrM7dT I've also had performance problems when I'm in a battle. It happens with every update. I...
  18. P

    What do you think about BB3s at the current moment?

    It sure is much less frustrating than what it was in 2.5. Still, I still find this system a bit annoying, especially when fighting against opponents 2 or 3 times stronger than you, with a high AI difficulty. Most of the time I find myself blocking their hits, and once they've landed one, just...
  19. TonyPartridge30

    Bug - Normal Inferno of Leviathan bug

    Noticed an issue where I launched an Inferno of Lev during the final fight of the master level Filia event. I launched it against the Windswept fighter, and I guess her SA proced and she evaded one of the hits. This seemed to result in the ball remaining on the screen as a harmless thing. It...
  20. S

    (New) AI activiting BB in between combos?

    Started playing this week, already pretty far with one gold pull and a few silvers. I hit a streak in silver PF where my "easy" option was 2x my total possible FS at 4,500 to my ~2,300. Almost clutched it out with Stone Cold until Parasol activated a BB in between the middle of my ground combo...