• [2018/06/22]
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big band

  1. Kheul

    Bug - Normal Big Band's parry damages himself and can even kill him.

    Here is the vid: my guy dies Even though parries are quite unreliable I still love using them whenever possible, this is another bug that happens quite a lot when I try to parry enemies. Don't exactly know what is the condition of parry hurting him, but my guess would be when Big Band is...
  2. Kheul

    Blockbusters with bonus damage per COMBO HIT

    So, the thing with these type of Blockbusters is they deal 2/5/8% bonus damage per COMBO HIT, yeah? That is not the case, they have an internal limit that immensely pulverize all the potential these type of blockbusters can do, they reach their limit with what, around 30-35 hits? (+15) Yeah sure...
  3. Green-ao

    Big Band need rework

    Big Band is outdated and requires a rework. here are my rework ideas: 1. Take the 'a' train - Band makes a dash forward and cancel the animation of knee strike to: noise cancel, brass knuckles, sweet clarinet, tympani drive, also can do 2 knee strike and cancel the...
  4. B

    Nerf bass line

    бафф линия бассов
  5. Tart

    Fights About buffs and debuffs visibility

    I've been wondering, is there any way to make buffs/debuffs show in front of the fighter instead of behind? It's been a huge issue for me especially in the current monthly pf, Big Band being the main problem. When he's in the corner, I just can't see what he has. It's terrible especially when...
  6. M

    Bug - Normal Fighters clip behind Big Band

    I found a Glitch in Skullgirls. Basically, after Big Band dies, characters clip behind him. (Don’t mind the terrible play)
  7. M

    Why can't I sacrifice?

    I'm trying to evolve my big band, but I'm getting this message. Can someone please help? or at least tell me what is an "Active Team"? I have already checked all my prize fights and Deployments, and that big band isn't listed in any of them. I did a few story missions without him in my team in...
  8. E

    Bug - Normal new bug?

    i was doing a prize fight when my annie that had roughly the some power level(?) and elemental advantage did about 5% damage combo to a big band, and then the big band basically did the same combo to me but it did half my annies health. i'm pretty sure there wasn't any buffs on the big band, and...
  9. Dark dizzy

    Big band varient idea

    Refrence: High max- Megaman x6 Signature ability 1 GAIN ARMOR 3/4/5 everytime you use a special move. Signature ability 2 when inflicted with debuffs gain unflinching and immunity. Also gain thorns.
  10. rexturtle1120

    (4.3) Fighter SA rework discussion

    4.3 is finally on the horizon. So let’s talk about all the exiting new fighter buffs that are sure to be announced in the coming days. Painwheel- Blood drive So now that Blood drive’s new SA has been announced how do we feel about it? Her old SA: Transfusion 1: 5% chance on hit to inflict...
  11. Yomady

    Resolved Big Band Unblockable Charge

    This is so minor it isn't even worth mentioning but it is there strangely, it doesn't seem to effect play from what I've noticed. Run through steps on how to perform: 1) do a 'unblockable' on opponent hitting them to the other side of the screen with Big Band 2) go do a run charge and hold the...
  12. Jaggie

    Viable Robocopy changes

    So let’s face it, Robocopy kinda under performs compared to most Big Bands. I’m gonna compared Robocopy and Beatbox to show their similarities and how Robocopy is the worst compared to every other Big Band. So Beatbox has his two signatures. You gain a stack of enrage and 25% Blockbuster meter...
  13. Arkantos

    Private Dick and the New Sub-Stats

    One of PD Big Band's abilities is a natural 50% resistance to all debuffs. Because this is a special ability, I'm wondering if it is affected by moves with an Accuracy sub-stat? Will moves with a Resistance sub-stat stack over the SA? I really don't know and I'm hoping one of you will.
  14. L

    Resolved Big Band's Ground Combo is Unblockable in River King Casino (Master)

    River King Casino in Master Mode has the modifier "Punch Through" which makes the opponent's dash attacks unblockable, but in the Big Band treasure node, part of his regular ground combo is unblockable too. It even says "Punch Through" on his side when it happens. Video:
  15. S

    Bug - Normal Dead on Arrival Glitch

    So I was participating in the Double Prize Fight and was fighting against a Valentine with Robocopy Big Band. She hit with me a burst attack, knocking me down and "giving her permission" to use her unblock able, Dead on Arrival. Her PF score was a bit higher so I already knew I was dead. The...
  16. TonyPartridge30

    Unblockable Giant Step?

    I've noticed this occurring for awhile now, but it happens so rarely that it always kind of leaves my mind right after. Is the special move "Giant Step" supposed to be unblockable if you get hit by the tip of it? Something I've seen happen to me before and just happened to me again in the Big...
  17. B

    Resolved Big band event modifiers activating in 1 hit

    In big band event all the fight modifiers can trigger in just 1 jit, meaning that it can go from no buffs to armor, unflinching and invencible in just 1 hit. I am not 100% sure if this can be counted as bug, but posting this since Resonant Evil SA was changed so it could not activate both parts...
  18. TonyPartridge30

    Resolved Does Chip Tuned not proc against projectiles?

    Megasonic Big Band's SA, Chip Tuned, gives you a temporary stack of Enrage for blocking a hit. However, something I've noticed--especially against Peacocks--is that when Megasonic blocks a projectile hit, like the Bang! Bang! Bang! special move, Chip Tuned doesn't seem to proc and no Enrage...
  19. V

    Megasonic VS Epic Sax

    Recently I got both, but I'm not sure which one is better, since both have the same classification on the tier list. What do you think which one is better for attack and which one is better for defense?
  20. TonyPartridge30

    Bug - Normal Chip Tuned SA bug

    iPhone 6s iOS 12.1 Game Version 2.7.2 I was using Megasonic Big Band in the gold "A Head of the Game" prize fight, and I noticed something weird. Sometimes, when Megasonic would get hit while he's blocking, his SA wouldn't proc. I was unable to determine whether is was the Catatonia modifier...