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Resolved Big Band Unblockable Charge


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Oct 1, 2017
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This is so minor it isn't even worth mentioning but it is there strangely, it doesn't seem to effect play from what I've noticed.

Run through steps on how to perform:

1) do a 'unblockable' on opponent hitting them to the other side of the screen with Big Band
2) go do a run charge and hold the screen as if you were doing a 'unblockable' standing still (right at the point of run off)

It should appear the text to say it's 'unblockable' but it doesn't change anything, and by the looks of it (I've only tested with Eliza and Cerebella) the end move isn't the 'unblockable' attack just a regular run up.

You can perform a 'unblockable' straight after the run up, but this is like a head straight trick.

I guess it's the 'A- Train' heading straight for yas, what you gonna do? :D

Edit: worked it out it's the device just lagging a bit. The text does take time to clear, but it was popping up again. I also tried with Peacock which it never worked; however it did lock up the screen after a few billion tries as Painwheel was stuck in the block position for a few seconds after tag-out.
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