• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Meddios

    Resolved Sekhmet mode unblockable charge (not upgraded in the tree)

    So the bug is when I use my Eliza (Diva Intervention) in Sekhmet mode if I use Charge Attack, either the enemy decides to stop blocking, or the attack is unblockable (even though there is no text popping up saying that it should be). I did not upgrade her unblockable charge attack in the skill...
  2. Lucifilly

    Bug - Normal Megalith Array Bug/Change?

    Before the 4.2 update when megalith array was activated right on top of an opponent, it would do an extra amount of damage and resume shooting normally with the opponent stuck in the “knocked up” position, to where they would land on their feet. However, after 4.2 if megalith is activated on...
  3. Yomady

    Resolved Big Band Unblockable Charge

    This is so minor it isn't even worth mentioning but it is there strangely, it doesn't seem to effect play from what I've noticed. Run through steps on how to perform: 1) do a 'unblockable' on opponent hitting them to the other side of the screen with Big Band 2) go do a run charge and hold the...
  4. L

    Resolved Big Band's Ground Combo is Unblockable in River King Casino (Master)

    River King Casino in Master Mode has the modifier "Punch Through" which makes the opponent's dash attacks unblockable, but in the Big Band treasure node, part of his regular ground combo is unblockable too. It even says "Punch Through" on his side when it happens. Video:
  5. S

    BB3 Activation on Tag-In (Via Death)

    For a bit of backstory, I was in a pretty high streak Prize Fight against most likely maxed out fighters. The Diamond Poltergeist Squiggly I'm fighting traps me with the Inferno of Leviathan BB2, and Battle Opera BB1 forcing to block. She grabs, I break out, but can't do anything to prevent...
  6. S

    Will Megalith Array ever be released?

    Devs probably don’t visit character forums often, but who knows, maybe someone will respond.
  7. Black Egret#13

    Bug - Normal Not so Unblockable...

    I was doing a mission in who's the boss, expert, with two random characters. The character I started fighting with was Fillia. After doing my standard combo, followed by Gregor Samson, My BB3, "Blowout" was charged so I decided to use it. But suddenly, the Valentine I was fighting tagged out to...