• [2018/06/22]
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big band

  1. Yomady

    Big Band Counter Using Noise Cancel

    Whilst standing at the far side of the screen (you don't need to be close to do this), whilst to say if Painwheel was to use "Gae Bolga Stinger", you can't use Big Bands move to counter and stun the opponent by using "Noise Cancel". Obviously your chances of hitting stun are still the same as...
  2. theLoneskull

    A Big Band Tier List

    Introducing Big Band: Big Band is the typical tank character. He has an enormous amount of health, plenty of ways to get armor and a marquee which reduces the damage he takes. He's somewhat balanced by his pretty low attack stat. I say somewhat because of his combo potential. His character...
  3. OozyGamer

    Remove Prize Fight Golds from Relics (EDITED)

    Around some time yesterday I made this post with a petition stating as to why they should remove Prize Fight Golds from relics. However, I did not provide any effective reasoning for it, and that's what this edit is for; to provide some effective reasoning as to why I feel the way I do about...
  4. S

    Bug - Normal Resonant Evil BB doesn’t display first stack of armor

    When I fight RE BB, two things happen: BB stops taking damage at 3 stacks of armor instead of 4; Stun procs without any visible armor buffs (actually lost a streak to this). Both of these things point to the fact that one of the stacks isn’t shown. I don’t see such an ability in RE’s skill...
  5. BallotBoxer

    Bug - Normal High Tide Prize Fight Permafrost + Robocopy = Unkillable Big Band

    In short: Bug: Robocopy Big Band got permanent level 5 armor in the new Elemental Prize Fight - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Details: I've enjoyed dozens of matches in the fun new Prize Fight High Tide... until one match where the Permafrost reacted strangely with Robocopy Big...
  6. TonyPartridge30

    Bug - Normal Tympani Drive doesn't combo the same for everyone

    I've noticed something interesting and I'm not sure if it's intentional or not. When using Tympani Drive against Big Band and Beowulf, I can launch (standard up-swipe) an enemy into the air and activate Tympani Drive as they fall, and after they land they bounce up into the Blockbuster. So...
  7. King Of The Ring

    Combo Enhancers

    This thread will try to compile all combo attacks with specials or blockbusters and how to link them together, for begginners, first character will be: CEREBELLA Cerebella is the easiest character to create heavy damage combos, because of specials such as Pummel Horse, which can be used in a...
  8. UnusualBoo54

    Big Band Basic/Advanced Combos

    Before we get in to the combos, I want to say that these combos will work on some fighters and will not work on others. This is due to the fighter's different fall speed ( I think? ). To simplify things, I classed the fighters into two categories. Light Fighters : Peacock, Painwheel ...
  9. Echoes

    Fights Walking The Beat Expert Daily

    Walking The Beat is by far the hardest daily in existence. On Expert, every fighter has a 15% chance to proc Invincible on taking a hit. This alone is incredibly painful and irritating (maybe 5%?) but it is once combined with First Aid, giving a 3000-odd FS fighter nigh-infinite health unless...
  10. GoldenAbyss6197

    Bug - Normal Random crashes

    I have began to notice that the app’s performance has been staggering a bit. During some fights or in the character select screen the games frame rate will drop drastically and then hard crash back to the home screen. Also when I ever fight Big Band and he has Strike up the Band, I’m afraid he...
  11. Umbra

    Bug - Crash Big band sutb crash

    Using strike up the band to finish off an opponent consistently crashes the game for me. The bb itself works fine and only bugs on a kill. I'm using an iPhone 6 with ios 10.3.3
  12. Filikua

    Beating the Odds: Big Band's Origin Story

    Strange, I thought there'd be something like this on here already (since there's already one for Peacock). Anyway, what are your thoughts on this origin story? All I can say is that it's pretty good imo. Poor Ben, though. :'(
  13. BrolaireOfAsstora

    The resemblance is uncanny

    http://i65.tinypic.com/28hn4gz.png http://i68.tinypic.com/2chapv4.png Devs, is this intentional, or just a coincidence? Either way, now I'm imagining Sarge as Waluigi gone bad or as Waluigi's dad.
  14. Shawesome

    Bug - Normal Energy Disappears

    I had just exited Gold Prize Fight to continue Big Band's Origin Story. My Bassline hadfull energy and after one fight it went to 0. Not only that but when I checked the time left for him to recharge it was 0:00:00. I think this might go away if you close the game fully, but it's still rather...
  15. Mayor_N

    Pointlessly Overpowered Abilities Take the Fun Out of This Game

    Am I the only one who believes that Resonant Evil Big Band and Untouchable Peacock are just...really dumb? Victory is basically given to them, and they're able to pull of a lot of stupid stuff simply because they have abilities are handed to them on a silver platter. Every single time I see...
  16. Black Egret#13

    Tuba Tuba stun too short

    Not really a bug, but definetly an issue. When using Big Band's Tuba Tuba, the stun is too short and ends right after the wall bounce. Maybe make the stun longer, or on the last hit instead?
  17. Shawesome

    Characters Character Variant Ideas

    I was thinking about something I read where other palettes might be made into variants, and I had a few ideas for some! Only a couple were thought out really well, and some characters were really hard for me to think of (Painwheel only has one and Valentine has none). ?s are things I couldn't...
  18. FreyRenoir

    Bug - Normal Big Band Bully - Charge attack issue and failing BB2 Fracture Reaper

    Hello everyone! I have encountered a bit of trouble while fighting ye olde detective big band. 1. While trying to block Big Bands charge attack it is unblockable while definitely declared not so. He hits me with various characters but only if the spacing is right. I usually stand pretty much...
  19. BrolaireOfAsstora

    Big Band's beatdown is broken?

    They screwed up this week by making the modifier combomancer. For those who don't know, it says that you get a 5% damage bonus with each combo hit. What I'd like to know is if Epic Sax big band's skill gets a boost from this as well. If so, is he now the objective best for this event?
  20. Generic_Name123

    Bug - Normal Fracture Reaper doesn't connect on Big Band

    No matter what element of Painwheel I am, and what element Big Band is, using the part of Frature Reaper blockbuster on Big Band, and Painwheel will not grab onto Big Band.