• [2018/06/22]
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  1. SvenZ

    Characters Dame Slayer: Signature Abilities [Rework]

    For some reason I can't post new thread or edit my old one with my first account, so I'm making a new one. Signature Ability 1 On first RELOAD with no SHOTS remaining, and every second RELOAD after that with no SHOTS remaining, gain 6 LIGHTNING SHOTS. Lightning shots deal 50/75/100% bonus...
  2. SvenZ

    Other Black Dahlia - Tea Slip [Additional Effect]

    For reference, this is current Tea Slip: I propose that the ability works a bit more like her 2nd Encore counterpart. Suggestion: Has a 50/75/100% chance to remove all DEBUFFS when used. Dahlia teleports backward, instantly reloads her gun, and leaves a doily in her original location. Using...
  3. T

    The "Unholy does NOT need a nerf" thread

    There are a couple posts with statements regarding why she needs a nerf - this is for the people who feel like she doesn't, since this side of the party should have a time to voice their opinions as well (I am in this party). I think she is powerful, but not overpowered. There is a very...
  4. TonyPartridge30

    How much of Black Dahlia is synthetic?

    Love her design and it’s great to have her in the game now (even if I haven’t gotten a diamond roll yet 🥲). I understand her backstory says she’s “at least partially” cybernetic. It’s clear her legs are prosthetic and obviously her gun arm. Is she like Darth Vader where it’s just her limbs that...