• [2018/06/22]
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daily relic

  1. Al Qedic

    Bug - Normal "Extra" Daily Relic

    Went to open my daily relic just a few minutes ago. To my surprise, I was given the option to "open another". The first one opened like normal, and the "extra" relic began its opening animation before booting me to the relic screen like it should have. Dunno what could have caused this, and I...
  2. Kepler

    Collection Change Daily Relic timer reset

    Hey all, brand new player here, just got the game last week. Coming from Marvel Puzzle Quest, which has a similar daily loot box, I'd really like to see the timer reset at a specific time. That way, you can log in at any point in the day and pick up the reward. The way it works now, where the...