• [2018/06/22]
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Collection Change Daily Relic timer reset


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Jan 30, 2018
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Hey all, brand new player here, just got the game last week. Coming from Marvel Puzzle Quest, which has a similar daily loot box, I'd really like to see the timer reset at a specific time. That way, you can log in at any point in the day and pick up the reward. The way it works now, where the timer does not start until you open it, you agree constantly losing time and getting less than one a day. Every minute after exactly 24 hrs sets you back.

Day 1: Open relic at 8am.
Day 2: Busy in the morning, open relic at 4pm.
Day 3: Busy in the afternoon, miss relic completely.
Day 4: Open relic at 8am.

You see how in this example, you get 3 relics in 4 days.

Another neat thing Puzzle Quest did was put specific rewards at certain hallmarks. For example, day 100 you might get a specific silver character, and day 365 you might get a specific gold character.

Anyway, great game and I'd love for the daily relic to really be daily!