• [2018/06/22]
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  1. S

    Resolved (RESOLVED - NOT A BUG) Unexpected Behavior - Relic time limit applied to level up rewards

    As you may know, this week's element prize fight is "A Shining Example". The relics are time limited (totally fine and expected behavior). Due to time constraints I had not played the prize fight and had no Shining Relics; however, I did hit Level 70 (yay me!) and was issued one relic of each...
  2. AnonJustAnon

    Other Some bugs

    Today, when Rift has ended, in the mail were lots of stuff as always and Diamond relic popped up as "+1", and progress bar got reset to the 0%. But when I tried to open it, I noticed that it's just "96%", before this it was "92%". Like, I didn't get any relic, nothing changed. It's just a visual...
  3. TonyPartridge30

    Did you get an Annie?

    Since 4.4 is supposed to give everyone a free Cosmic Premiere Relic, I wanted to make a thread for people lucky enough to get an Annie from that free gift to post about their luck and earn the ire and envy of the rest of us. I guess you can also post about other Annie pulls, if you want. I'm...
  4. Thatonevalentineuser

    Should I wait till 4.5

    Since Annie is coming soon and My Diamond relic Needs 7% more to be ready should I not open any relics in 4.4 and wait till shes available on All relics so that I have a chance to pull her?
  5. z3r0d34th7

    Excel file with useful Info

    Hi all! I'm Michael ( A.K.A. z3r0d34th7 ), and i wanted to share with you an excel file i've been working on for a while. It allows you to know: 1) your odds with a given set of relics; just plug in the number of relics for each category and it will tell you what is the expected number of...
  6. M

    Exclusive fighters from relics

    I know there’s several fighters out there that only appear in specific relics, but I’m not sure which are which. Is there a list detailing what fighters are available in what relics?
  7. Lililira

    Ornamental Relic contents?

    I can't find a full list of the fighters available from the Ornamental relic anywhere. Does anyone know what they are? The mail about it from the 11th only mentions the two new golds and the diamonds, and I can't seem to find a list here on the forums. Here's the ones I know so far: Silvers...
  8. BallotBoxer

    Spooky Relic

    SPOOKY RELIC It is like year's HAUNTED RELIC (remember all those comics-themed silvers?) but with much more! (source: stolen, er, I mean copied, from Liam's mega post in the 4.0 thread and in-game mail) The SPOOKY RELIC will be available in OFFERS (10/25 - 11/4) and in the RELIC STORE (10/28...
  9. Isoco3

    Bug - Normal Back to school relics ratios seems odd

    I got in the top 100 in this event just to win the rewards, but what i got in the relics was too unusual, i got 5 Graveyard Shift valentines, what is the probability to this happen? i think its a bug, here the screenshots:
  10. R

    Bug - Normal Silver Fighter Relic

    I recently beat Medici's tower for story mod and got 2 fighter relics and a silver fighter relic. I opened my two relics, and got two bronze fighters, which gave me enough shards to claim a silver relic, therefore I had 2 silver fighter relics. I scrolled down and saw an option to claim and to...
  11. bestsuperblox65

    Resolved Relic/Prize Fight order?

    What is the order of the Relics in the store? I'm desperate for Ms. Fortunes and wondering if I should even wait for the cat's relics.
  12. M

    +1 Bonus Fighter Relic Drops?

    I’m not sure if this is a bug or misinformation or if I’m missing something but in the relic store page the %drop for buying 11 fighter relics has a listed drop rate of Bronze = 0% and Silver 92%. But when I just bought a full pack of Double Fighter Relics, I (once again) ended up with 8...
  13. Erick Draves

    Bug - Normal Silver relic 100% problem

    You know that feeling when you go to the claw machine and you pick a prize and it gets stuck in the last moment and is there hanging... But unable to fall?... I buyed silver shards from the treasure shop, and got 100% silver shards... Only to find out I can't claim such relic! Hahahahaha...
  14. K

    Bug - Normal Purchased Fighter Variety Pack Plus - Duplicated Nearly All Pairs

    I purchased a Fighter Variety Pack Plus last week and 9 of the 11 of them produced the same fighter twice, including two silvers. There is just no way that legitimately random RNG. I would guess the random seed was reset to the same value for both relics in each pair for this to happen. If...
  15. Octovalley (Q)

    Is Squigly still locked from Premiere Relics?

    Can’t find any news about an unlock. Please provide as much info as you can, including info about Shard to Get, Silver Lining, etc. I just got a StG and I’m wondering if it’s worth holding onto for the squiggy chance.
  16. Kepler

    Collection Change Daily Relic timer reset

    Hey all, brand new player here, just got the game last week. Coming from Marvel Puzzle Quest, which has a similar daily loot box, I'd really like to see the timer reset at a specific time. That way, you can log in at any point in the day and pick up the reward. The way it works now, where the...
  17. S

    Bug - Normal Wrong characters in purchased relics

    I've recently purchased a couple of different relics and have gotten different characters from the ones specified. Like I had enough for a couple Double relics and I got some bronze Valentine and a bronze other character. Wondering if this has happened to anyone else?
  18. Toni

    Bug - Normal Relic dissapearing after server error notification

    After downloading the game (on samsung galaxy A5 2017; Android v7.0) I tried to open the silver lining relic but I got a prompt saying to try again later. After exiting and opening other relics I saw that the silver lining relic dissapeared without me getting a fighter from it.
  19. J8khero

    Eliza Relics are out! Share what you got on them!

    Eliza Relics are finally out in the new update! Show us what you get on your rolls, either if you did 1 roll or 10 + 1 rolls, post it here and make sure you attach it with a picture! For me, on my first roll I got a Bloody Valentine Eliza which is 1 of the 3 new Eliza so that's cool! Hope to...
  20. FelixDewott

    Resolved Move disappears from collection?

    EDIT: I just had to log in again and the move is now in my collection. I have no idea what happened but I'm not gonna question anything. O.O Uh, hello, this has nothing to do with fighting, but I think I encountered something strange that I don't know if anyone has had to deal with before. So...