• [2018/06/22]
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Feb 19, 2021
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Today, when Rift has ended, in the mail were lots of stuff as always and Diamond relic popped up as "+1", and progress bar got reset to the 0%. But when I tried to open it, I noticed that it's just "96%", before this it was "92%". Like, I didn't get any relic, nothing changed. It's just a visual bug, making a report of it.

Some glitch happened today in the battle. Bot (NPC) switched character from Peacock to Filia, but when it happened, Peacock stayed at her place and was all glitchy... Like, you know, MissingNo from Pokemon? Kind of this stuff. Her sprites were like this until I finished her.

When you jump as Robo-Fortune, background's becoming grey like if you are using a blockbuster. It's more noticeable if you won against a player and jump after match ended.
IMPORTANT NOTE: during the match it's happening very rarely but still somehow happening. And after the end of a match it's happens everytime.

Sometimes, I don't know exactly why, but when you watch an ad, after you close it, the game freezes with dark grey window, you have to reopen it... also after that you are not getting rewards for the ad, and its refreshed like if you didn't watch it at all

If you done "Accursed Experiments" on Sunday and didn't close the game on Monday next week after reset, it's showing you that you did it even if you look at the progress (open the "progress tree" with fought rounds). Have to close and open again the application.

Often when you are winning against a player in Versus (Competitive) they can left even if their HP was 1%... and you do not get a win from it. This is frustrating, especially if you are trying to done a daily quest.

With russian language when you looking at the page with Daily Login Bonus text "Resets in" and "1st day of every month" are layered on each other, it is looks like "Reset in: 1st day of every month".

Sometime when you switch language, some of the icons in Prize Fights (at least, I got this bug there) could changed their colors.
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