• [2018/06/22]
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prize fight bug

  1. C

    Bug - Normal Prize fight win streak broken after connection failure BEFORE entering fight

    This would be pretty hard to prove that it happened in the order I'm stating, so essentially I'm putting it here in case anyone else also happens to have this problem. My fight didn't manage to connect as I was loading the fight for the first time. I've had it happen before, commonly, in the...
  2. LordShauki

    Resolved Fireworks show prize fight

    I spent a lot of time grinding on the fireworks show prize fight to reach at least 50 million. When I reached the 25 million mark I was rewarded with 500 gold shards but did not receive the 200 theonite, I let that go. I finally reached the 50 million mark and got the 250 diamond shards, but...
  3. AnonJustAnon

    Other Some bugs

    Today, when Rift has ended, in the mail were lots of stuff as always and Diamond relic popped up as "+1", and progress bar got reset to the 0%. But when I tried to open it, I noticed that it's just "96%", before this it was "92%". Like, I didn't get any relic, nothing changed. It's just a visual...
  4. FelixDewott

    Bug - Crash Prize Fight Crash STILL Not Fixed

    I'm well aware that the dev team is aware of this bug and is looking into this for the next update, but I need to vent about this bug, because it's starting to get urgent. I have lost energy and my Prize Fight streak three times today alone (Sunday, November 8th, 2020) due to the game randomly...
  5. M

    Bug - Normal My internet went out, so the game assumed I lost a fight.

    I was doing a prize fight and the second after I won I got stuck on a loading screen, after a little bit I found out my internet had went out, and the game immediately assumed that I lost and I was forced to pay 55 gems to keep my streak. phone: iPhone 11 OS: iOS 13.5.1
  6. moomouse

    Bug - Normal Character Glitch

    So this one is a bit hard to describe. I was about to fight a PF team when I decided to check my Oh Mai's moves. I switched one of her moves, and then hit the back arrow to go to the previous screen. Instead, the first image happened. I then tapped the arrow on the right in an attempt to switch...
  7. B

    Bug - Normal Prize fight streak theonite error

    Hello, I am a relatively new member to the forums, and I have been playing the big band prize fight. I have lost my prize fight streak and bought the streak back with 40 theonite and fought someone and I won. However, it appears that I have lost and my streak ended again. Does this error happen...
  8. Yomady

    Bug - Normal prize fight not accepting win/lose

    Doing prize fight and I bumped into a bug where it didn't give me the win it said I lost even though I won? I did go back in after wasting the blue stuff and win cause really at that streak it isn't as tough? Been having loads of problems recently with not confirming what the actual results...