• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Lulero

    Rift matchmaking, fellow players please share some data

    DISCLAIMER: This thread is NOT the place to discuss how fair/enjoyable the algorithm is. It's just about gathering data. REQUEST: Post in this thread your rift data: Sum of your top 20 fighters FS (be as accurate as possible). Your current rift rating and tier (i.e. G4, G3, G2, D3, etc...)...
  2. tom641

    New BB3 datamined

    Analysis of the app's files show that the devs left a mostly-functional BB3 that currently can't appear on AI characters or from move relics. As to why it's not in the game, it's hard to tell. Right now it appears that it was deemed too weak to be a BB3 and might be re-added in the next patch...