• [2018/06/22]
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  1. M

    Characters Relic chances

    Relics are very exhausting. I can never pull the fighters I want. I just spent 250 dollars for the sunshine relic and all I have to show for it is 3 of the same unit which is plot twisted. If I’m spending a large sum of money I should be able to choose fighters I want. Not to mention all the...
  2. CyberLynx

    Bug - Crash Account login problem!

    Hello, I have a problem logging into my account. How can I fix this?
  3. Vyleke


    I saw a video where someone shows how to use bluestacks to run Skullgirls. He said he made the video to help the ones wich phones can not run the game But, Can you be banned by using a emulator? Even if you download the game in play store from the emulator? The idea of having Skullgirls Mobile...
  4. S


    Medici tower, new mode 100 level tower called The Medici Tower you fight stages that get stronger with each level (that increase in attack modifier ) Medici theme. Resets once per month and gives rewards on every 5th and 10th floor. Medici tower
  5. S

    Other What needs help ?

    Hi consider me a voice of the in game chat people . I have a lot of suggestions to add so I won’t waste your time. how come players like me and you vie for fighters as the best part of this game and after we finally are rewarded with golds and diamonds were bombarded with having to re run...
  6. Tsukiakari

    Serious question: Can the dev really do something about the cheaters?

    I know that there's a sticky post to report cheaters, but that post has reach to 143 pages without any actions from the dev even though that post was made by Liam. The name of the cheaters repeat many times post after post but they still can do it without punishment. Honestly, if they cheated...
  7. RamnaFS

    Fights Training System

    Okay, this is my first post in the forum, sorry if I make any mistake. Let's begin. In order to REALLY train and practice with our fighters, I suggest that Training Mode allow us to change some settings in the battle, I've tough about those ones: • Enemies Element. • Damage log (Like maximum...
  8. Sahazi

    Unable to play anymore...

    I recently broke my tablet while playing SG, Accursed Experiments... yeah... just wanted to post it on this page, maybe just to realive my frustration... damn, i really miss playing, i know it's my foult, but the game was acting weird before my incident... i wish i can fix it soon or get another...