• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Poyo1

    (Question) is MEANER. BETTER. FASTER. STRONGER (master) even possible?

    Hello, new here and I have a genuine question, how am I supposed to beat master if I’ve done every strategy known to man. more specifically the 3rd level, where 3 foes are able to revive after death and even if you’re winning the game unfairly puts you on doom and there is NO way around this...
  2. A

    Fights Fishbone to Pick (Master) TAF change

    Hi team, I think you do awesome work on this game and really appreciate y'all. I think the That's All Folks buff was effective and well-deserved. I think that the Master mechanic of "deal 0 damage if your combo is less than 10" is cool, challenging, and fun to work around. I also think that...
  3. smokster

    Ascent of a woman the beowulf's nod

    guys i have been suffering lately from this nod in master-story mode, specially after the 3.4.1 update its really playing on my nerves and there is no possible way i could finish this nod, and i tried using all kind of beowulfs and i would always die on the last couple of seconds. plz any good...
  4. Ghost

    Story Story mode and origins.

    You have to add Master difficulty in story mode and origins to make the game more interesting. Sometimes I don't have nothing to do in the game and a new difficulty in story and origins would be cool!
  5. KillInvestor

    Fights Difficulty of artifical intelligence

    Overall the game is excellent. But, there is one moment which is very annoying, ruins the entire game, and can put a rating of 1 out of 10. This difficulty of artificial intelligence. In most cases, he is invincible, and when you think that you beat him, he wins. My Golden Double rainbow blight...