• [2018/06/22]
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  1. A

    Fights Fishbone to Pick (Master) TAF change

    Hi team, I think you do awesome work on this game and really appreciate y'all. I think the That's All Folks buff was effective and well-deserved. I think that the Master mechanic of "deal 0 damage if your combo is less than 10" is cool, challenging, and fun to work around. I also think that...
  2. Yomady

    How to use evade with Filia - Windswept

    This can be tricky to pull off at times, and with a 50% success rate, it can be even more difficult to pull off. By simply pressing back when a attack is about to hit you, Filia can dodge the attack given you zero damage on 'evade' (well at least most of them). In general all types of Filia's...
  3. TonyPartridge30

    Any tips on how to use Evade?

    I find Filia's SA to be very technical. I think I've pulled it off twice in total, and both times by accident. I pretty much always find it more consistent and helpful to just block. But with the new gold Windswept Filia, there is more focus put on the use of this ability. So I'm hoping...